LaRouche Denounces "British Propaganda for Babies and Stupid Drunks"
August 24, 2012 • 8:26AM

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche today denounced reports about Syria emanating from the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron, after a phone conversation with President Barack Obama, as pure propaganda that is only meant as intimidation. Ten Downing Street issued a statement after the call saying that "Both agreed that the use — or threat — of chemical weapons [by Syria] was completely unacceptable and would force them to revisit their approach so far."

LaRouche said that this, like press leaks about Pentagon "contingency plans" to send special operations teams into Syria and/or to strike chemical weapons depots with precision air strikes, are not an actual threat; it is the posture of a threat. The British, through their puppet Obama, are threatening to unleash regional and world war. If you are planning a nuclear attack, LaRouche said, the last thing you do is announce it. These things involve the highest level of secrecy in a military situation, and unless the people involved are utter idiots, which the military are not, then the element of surprise is crucial. If you are going for nuclear war, you don't telegraph it.

So all of this is meant for U.S. consumption, LaRouche stated. We have to warn the citizens of the U.S. that this is bullshit. You have to realize what jerks and cowards most Americans are. All of this is propaganda for babies and stupid drunks.