Crushing of the US Workforce
August 26, 2012 • 11:11PM

Another report, this one by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), illustrates the driving down of the U.S. labor force into mass unemployment and poverty during the Obama years in the White House.

The BLS tracked what Obama would no doubt call a "middle class" segment of the workforce hit by the financial crash, in this case, some 6.1 million Americans who had steady jobs going into 2009 (they had held the jobs for a minimum of 3 years), paying at least 25% above the "low-wage employment" level, and lost them because of "economic displacement" — i.e., the jobs themselves disappeared — between Jan. 2009 and Dec. 2011.

The report's dismal finding is that through June 2012, 45% of those Americans — 2.75 million people — had not resumed working at all, anywhere from a few months to three and a half years later. By 2012, some 18% of the 6.1 million had dropped out of the labor force — 1.1 million people — while 27% were unemployed and still looking for work. About 55% of the 6.1 million have found new employment, but more than half of those now work for lower pay than before, roughly 15-20% lower. So they are now at or near the low-wage employment level as defined by the government, which some economists are starting to call the "new normal" for employment.

Just 25% of the 6.1 million job losers tracked by the BLS have managed to find new employment at a comparable or better wage/salary to what they earned before the collapse.

So most of these 6.1 million "folks," as Obama would condescendingly term them, have been knocked right down and out of his much-ballyhooed "middle class" by the continuation of his policies.