Obama Plots Assad Regime Change in Istanbul, Berlin
August 28, 2012 • 7:53AM

The maniacal killer Obama is rushing ahead with regime change and war against Syria no matter how many warnings he receives from military professionals that this could lead to world war, and no matter how many mediation efforts to end the fighting are attempted by the UN and others.

On Tuesday, August 28, in Berlin, the Obama Administration will unveil its report, "The Day After Project: Supporting a Democratic Transition in Syria," that was produced after six months of training of Syrian exiles by the U.S. Institute on Peace in collaboration with the German Institute on International and Security Affairs (SWP). Agence France Presse received a copy of the report.

The USIP is a "quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization" (quango) that functions today like the White House "Project Democracy" outfits in the 1980's under Vice President George H.W. Bush, and National Security Council staffer Ollie North. Project Democracy financed the Islamic jihadis in Afghanistan who became Al-Qaeda and plotted to overthrow regimes in Africa and Central America.

At the same time, in Istanbul, a much broader, military-oriented operation is in full swing with $25 million in funding from the U.S. State Dept. and £5 million in funding from the British Foreign Office, reported the Daily Telegraph, August 27.

"Britain and U.S. plan a Syrian revolution from an innocuous office block in Istanbul," the article says. "An underground network of Syrian opposition activists is receiving training and supplies of vital equipment from a combined American and British effort to forge an effective alternative to the Damascus regime.

"Dozens of dissidents have been ferried out of Syria to be vetted for foreign backing. Recipients of the aid are given satellite communications and computers so that they can act as a local 'hub' linking local activists and the outside world.... The schemes are overseen by the U.S. State Department's Office of Syrian Opposition Support (OSOS) and Foreign Office officials."

The article says that these facilities are in luxurious areas of Istanbul, while the discredited Syrian National Congress (SNC) works in cheap offices with little furniture and equipment. (After a year of bickering and with no support inside the country, the SNC has lost at least some of its luster.)

What is not being mentioned is that Obama has a Syria Working Group inside the White House that meets daily to come up with ever-new strategies to overthrow the "stubborn" Assad.

Despite disclaimers, it's the White House Working Group that is planning to start the war that will lead to thermonuclear destruction.