Obama Must Not be the Democratic Nominee.
August 28, 2012 • 12:52PM

Dear LaRouchePAC supporter,

In the beginning of August, a large number of you called into our 800 number to help us force a vote on HR 1489 before the summer recess. Because of your calls, we were able to secure a vast number of meetings with congressmen and women, and their top level staffers. We’re still in almost daily meetings with them in DC.

But, we have an even greater problem now: Obama must not be the Democratic nominee.

Below you’ll find the leaflet we’re delivering to Washington, DC. We’ll be there on the streets and in the halls of a largely empty congress... The members of congress are in YOUR district... right now.

We can only send Obama a politically shocking blow before the Democratic convention, if you join with us for unified action.

Call 800-929-7566. We have a nationwide network of political activists that are preparing for direct political action in the districts. Join with us.

Think long and hard about the last 10 years; think about the prospective future for your family. We’ve been in almost non-stop, continuous war. Don’t let Obama be the one to trigger World War 3 with Russia and China.

We can bring great change, only with your help. Call our national office: 800-929-7566.

Thank you,
-Adam Sturman

Mass-Distribution Leaflet:

Zero Tolerance for Mass Killer Obama