Obama to Drone On, as Democratic Convention features "National Security Night"
August 30, 2012 • 10:09AM

President Obama's campaign team has designated the final evening of the Democratic Convention as "National Security Night," and in addition to Obama's speech accepting the nomination (unless he is dumped by then), it will feature a speech by Obama's war-crimes facilitator, Sen. John Kerry.

"Senator Kerry will speak to how the president has restored America's leadership in the world, has taken the fight to our enemies, and has a plan to bring our troops home from Afghanistan just like he did from Iraq," said an Obama campaign official who demanded anonymity to speak about the speech before it was officially announced, according to the Boston Globe. Kerry is said to be in line for Secretary of State if Obama should win re-election. Fitting.

It is not known whether Kerry will boast about Obama's record-setting accomplishments, such as launching war on Libya without even paying lip service to the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, his brutal assassination of Libyan head-of-state Muamar Qadafi, his assassination of at least three American citizens in Yemen, his personally-approved drone killings in the Middle East and North Africa, his covert arming of terrorists to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria in violation of the UN Charter and international law, and his thereby drawing the world ever-closer to a thermonuclear World War III. Perhaps he'll talk about the Nobel prize.