Obama's Drive Towards Thermonuclear War is the Issue
August 31, 2012 • 9:50AM

From the United Nations Security Council Special Session on Humanitarian Issues, to the Non-Aligned Meeting in Iran, to the International Atomic Energy Association in Vienna, the drums are being beaten toward violent intervention in the Middle East cockpit. France and Britain are threatening to haul Syrian President Assad before the ICC, Egyptian President Mursi is talking about intervention to support the Syrian opposition, and the IAEA is claiming that Iran is not complying with international safeguards against building a bomb. It's a cacophonous... sideshow.

The reality is the British Empire's desperate drive to save its Empire, by using the only tool the Monarchy can reliably use to threaten Russia and China into backing down to its domination — Barack Obama, the President of the United States. The issue is beyond Syria, or Iran, or any other "hotspot;" it's only the two other thermonuclear superpowers who can challenge the one-world scheme. But there is no way that France or Britain — not to mention anyone else — can credibly threaten Russia and China. They have to have the thermonuclear arsenal of the United States at their disposal, and that crazy, Hitler-like British tool Obama is the instrument on which they have to rely.

Will the British Empire actually push the confrontation to the point of detonating nuclear war, or is the Monarchy bluffing? Do you really want to wait to find out?

The military leadership of the U.S. and Russia is working overtime, mostly behind the scenes, to prevent such a thermonuclear confrontation from breaking out. It's a virtual miracle that their efforts—clearly augmented by the LaRouche movement—have worked so far. But every moment that passes, especially with the ongoing collapse of the British financial empire, with Obama in office, the danger of a real end-game, extinction by war, grows. War-avoidance, survival, means Obama has to be removed from office, from his status as the Democratic candidate, and from any chance of regaining the Presidency.

The second looming danger for mankind, on which we face an immediate deadline, is the impulse toward a new, huge hyperinflationary money-printing spree to save the bankrupt banking system, a spree that a major portion of the British-dominated financial oligarchy still is demanding. Obama might move all the way on this as of the Jackson Hole meeting of international bankers which started Wednesday — but we don't know. Certain high-level circles in Britain are more sane, and are still seeking to ram through the political changes to get Glass-Steagall (which Obama vehemently opposes), without which they know the British banking system cannot survive. They know the alternative is a hyperinflationary blowout.

That's quite rational, as far as it goes, Lyndon LaRouche noted Wednesday, but unfortunately, it doesn't exclude the British monarchy from going for war.

We literally face a Global Showdown, one in which the British-sponsored Hitler in the White House threatens to bring our nation, our future, and that of the world to a grinding halt — one way or another. People don't want to believe it. They don't know the mind of the Empire, they don't want to face the evil of Obama. They stubbornly ignore the fact that LaRouche's evaluation of April 2009 has been borne out time and time again, by Obama's unconstitutional and murderous acts.

Our job is to inspire and recruit the exceptional people who join us in facing the threat and fighting. We can't guarantee victory, but we are waging the only war worth fighting, the one on which man's future depends. If mankind can put his mind on Mars, who says we can't clean the mess out of the White House?