Dempsey Takes His War Avoidance Organizing to Ireland
September 2, 2012 • 12:18PM

Watch RTÉ interview with General Martin Dempsey

After General Dempsey organized against military attacks in Syria and Iran while in London he went on to Dublin for the American football exhibition game between Notre Dame and Navy. In an exclusive interview with state-owned RTÉ news, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff made clear that there were "no plans at the moment for U.S. military intervention in Syria." He said the U.S. had learned lessons from their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and had adapted with different outcomes. General Dempsey said they had learned "the importance of protecting people ... as well as diplomatic and military strategy."

When asked how close he is currently to President Obama, he quipped "Right now? I'm about an ocean away." And in response to a follow-up question from the interviewer as to whether he expects to see Obama as president next year, Demspey responded simply "Military men don't comment on politics."

RTÉ stressed Dempsey's "strong Irish connections." They said "All his grandparents were born in Ireland and he learned some Irish while on holidays as a youngster in Mayo. He wrote his Master's thesis on Irish literature, and has a passion for Irish music."

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