Lavrov: Those Who Incite Opposition Forces Are Not Working In Interests of Syria People
September 2, 2012 • 12:34PM

The UN Security Council has no authority to support a revolution in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declared, today, during remarks at the Mocow State University of Foreign Affairs, the training school for the Russian diplomatic corps. During a wide ranging dialogue with students at the university, Lavrov emphasized that the world is in a transitional period, "accompanied by severe shocks." These include proliferation threats, terrorism, drug trafficking, environmental degradation, food shortages, epidemics. "To respond to these challenges," he said, "the international community is required, above all, to understand them and collectively work out a solution to the issues."

And thus, Lavrov argued in response to a question from the audience, the world ought to take that approach to Syria as well, as laid out in the Geneva agreement of June 30, without foreign intervention. "While fighting in the streets continues, it is absolutely unrealistic to say that the only way out is for one side to unilaterally capitulate. It is not a matter of ideology, we dont support any political figures in Syria. We just reason from what is realistic," he said. He noted that at Geneva, all the participating countries agreed to work for a "free, stable, independent and democratic" Syria. However, "our western partners and some nations in the region are almost openly pushing for outside intervention," said Lavrov. "Outside intervention should be positive. Every international player should push for both sides of the Syrian conflict to cease violence," He stressed. "Saying that the government should be the first to pull out its troops from towns and then the opposition is not a viable plan." Lavrov concluded that those foreign players who insist on inciting the opposition forces "are not working in the interests of the Syrian people. They are motivated by their own geopolitical interests."