Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice: Israeli Strike on Iran May Endanger Future of Israel
September 3, 2012 • 10:56PM

Former Israeli Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu Winograd warned Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's insane intention to launch a strike on Iran "may endanger the future of the country." Winograd had headed the government-appointed committee in 2007 that investigated Israel's shortcomings in the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

In an interview with Army Radio, Winograd said he is not sure that the current leadership has learned the lessons of his report, which found "grave faults" in the military-political-decision-making process before and during the war. "All of the past and present heads of the security establishment, the Shin Bet security service and the Mossad are saying 'don't strike,'" Winograd said. "And only [Defense Minister Ehud] Barak and Netanyahu will decide to do so? For what? With all the dangers and everything that is happening — maybe there is another solution?" Should Israel attack, Winograd said, "The Iranians will respond with a barrage of rockets, not sporadic fire, and they may be followed by other regional allies. This is a reality we have never faced."

Winograd criticized Barak and Netanyahu's assessment of Israeli casualties in a war with Iran, saying: "No more than 500 killed? How do you know? Did you already count?"

"We trust Netanyahu and Barak and 'what they say goes'? Is that how it's going to be? I'm not familiar with their considerations, but their (statements) are extremely irresponsible."

On the same day dozens of protesters rallied outside the home of Defense Minister Ehud Barak for the third Sunday in a row. "They are toying with human lives," said Yifat Solel, one of the protesters. "Not a single official says that a strike in Iran would stop it from developing a nuclear weapon. But one thing is certain — if we attack Iran, we will be led to war. We can't drag Israel into war. It's inconceivable how badly those in office who are advocating an attack can disregard human lives — mine, yours, all of ours."

Naomi Saroussi, another protester, said: "We've been demonstrating in front of the home of Minister of War Ehud Barak, and we will continue to demand, in the name of the sane majority on both sides, to stop the madness."