Local Coverage of Rachel Brown Gets Out War Danger Warning
September 5, 2012 • 1:26PM

Voters in Massachusetts' 4th Congressional district certainly got a clear picture of the only candidate anybody sane could vote for in yesterday's Milford Daily News story on their choices, Democrat and Republican, in this Thursday's primary for the seat held by Democratic Congressman Barney Frank, who is not seeking re-election.

The only "name" running in the primary, Democratic candidate, Joseph P. Kennedy III, tells people he can learn from seniors, defends "socially-liberal" gender issues, and offers small businesses for people who "aren't asking for much."

The presentation which follows is the case for Rachel Brown, "the returning challenger" to Frank, and there is nothing safe or small-minded here:

"Brown is a LaRouche Democrat whose views typically do not align with the mainstream notions of her party. She calls for the impeachment of President Obama, comparing his health care policy to that of Adolf Hilter in 1939 Germany.

"Brown wants to see reinstatement of Glass-Steagal — an act passed by Congress in 1933 that prohibited commercial banks from partaking in investment activities. The act was repealed in 1999, which, Brown believes, devastated the economy.

"'The issues facing the country now are thermonuclear war and hyperinflation, both of which are imminent if Obama is re-elected. The only reason we haven't passed Glass-Steagall, which is the only way to stop the bailouts causing hyperinflation, and the threat of war behind it, is because of resistance from British-run Obama,'" Brown said in statement.

"Brown also proposes investing in space and science research, including the North American Water and Power Alliance water project, which she said would solve the water crisis and create 6 million productive jobs, and provide full funding for NASA."

The article then plods through the other four candidates, who have nothing more of relevance to say than Joe Kennedy did.