Joint Chiefs Post Dempsey's London Challenge to Obama War Policy
September 5, 2012 • 1:28PM

The website of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff yesterday posted the transcript of Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey's "Media Roundtable at U.S. Embassy in London" of Thursday, August 30, 2012, in which he escalated his organizing against launching military attacks on Syria and Iran. At that time, Col. David Lapan, Dempsey's spokesman, had confirmed to EIR via e-mail, that while in London, Dempsey had private meetings with British military and defense officials. His organizing was reflected in his public comments, which were his strongest ever against military intervention. Dempsey openly contradicted the threat against Syria made by Obama the previous week, which had been endorsed by British Prime Minister David Cameron. At one point, the Independent's headline for the story was: "Obama wrong over Syria action, Says Top General."

Click here for a transcript of the speech.

In again reviewing the General's remarks, it is worth noting that he pointedly avoided the formulation of Obama and his British masters, that Bashar Assad must step down, as the British press reported at the time.

Dempsey also clarified Obama's stance, saying that when the President took over a White House news conference August 20 to threaten Assad with attack if he used chemical weapons, he was not threatening Assad with attack if he used chemical weapons.

Q: "Just one more thing, the opposition states that — Mr. Obama, when he said that chemical weapons are a red line that shouldn't be crossed, they say — the opposition figures — they say that it is giving a green light to Mr. Assad to do anything he wants with chemical weapons — but using chemical weapons.

GEN. DEMPSEY: "Yeah, well that clearly wasn't the intent. And nor was it — nor was it the — I'm not speaking for the president, but my understanding is that nor was he saying that the use of chemical weapons would automatically lead to force. What he said — you know, what he said was very clear, which is that those who choose to use weapons of mass destruction against the population will be held accountable...."