Obama Perpetrates Food Crisis Policy, As the Earliest-Ever US Corn Harvest Shows Huge Losses
September 6, 2012 • 9:52AM

In many Corn Belt counties in Iowa and other states, farmers are reporting that they have harvested their corn at the earliest time ever, and the exact reports are coming in on their huge losses. All the while, Obama is not only continuing the corn-for-ethanol mandate, but he is promoting more bio- products, which use farm products for non-food, non-fiber use.

In general the U.S. corn harvest began three to four weeks early in many locations, because of the early planting after the mild Winter. Farmers consider themselves lucky to get 100 bushels an acre, instead of the 200-bushel average they planted for in the Spring. Some got only 30. Some have none, but chopped their corn for fodder weeks ago. The low yields result from the combination of drought and heat, and such added factors as corn-on-corn (growing it each year, instead of rotating crops), under the pressure of monoculture, due to farmers' money needs.

What Obama is doing in the face of this, is to specifically refuse to grant a waiver for the annual corn-for-ethanol mandate, called the RFS — Renewable Fuels Mandate. Appeals are coming in from around the world. Among the latest is that Tuesday, the three U.N. food agencies — the Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program, and the International Agriculture Development Fund — asked that the biofuels mandate be "adjusted" downward in the U.S. and other nations, because of food shortages.

The Obama Administration has the power, even under the lousy Clean Air Act and subsequent RFS legislation, for the Environmental Protection Agency to diminish, or waive entirely, the annual RFS biofuels mandate, even if no official request had been made by a governor. Now, after seven governors, so far, have appealed for the mandate to be waived, a "comment period" by the EPA was activated as of Aug. 19, on the question of the waiver. Also, in early August, the 90-day period was activated, after which the EPA must issue its decision. Technically, this falls after the presidential election in November.

On July 30, a large coalition of livestock groups, animal feed producers, and others, petitioned for the RFS waiver to be granted, because the meat supply sector is being destroyed. They pointed out that the Clean Air Act, Section 211(o)(7)(A) gives the EPA the authority to waive the annual biofuels mandate. The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator can act "on his own motion" on it. He would consult with the Energy and Agriculture Departments, then issue the waiver. Obama chooses to perpetrate the food crisis.

In particular, Obama is visiting Iowa —the biggest ethanol concentration in the world — repeatedly, and again this weekend, to campaign on his bio-products plan, while the word goes around that farmers will be bankrupted if the RFS is waived, since the corn price would fall, etc. — another crime of acceptance of monetarism in place of real economics.