Dear Citizen,

That time has come, where our allegiances must now fall upon the future of our nation, and not along political party lines.

LaRouchePAC is calling for patriots to end party politics now. Ensuring Obama is not our next president, by constitutional means, is the basis of a new, true non-partisan leadership of the nation.

We must hold Obama accountable for his violations of national and international law, with the aim of removing him from office: the only way to end his desire for war with China and Russia. Don’t wait for Obama to prove that he is capable of launching World War 3.

By now we hope you've already seen our new feature video, Unsurvivable, where we clearly outline the consequences and outcomes of a nuclear armed World War 3.

But, what we need most importantly is the support of powerful people and institutions, and to reach a larger audience.

A victory for all humanity, is won by the courage of a few.

Thank you, Editorial Team

Get "UNSURVIVABLE " out everywhere.

Post it on your favorite websites. Tell your local newspaper to publish this PRESS RELEASE and send them the video. Tell your local radio station or news station to interview LaRouchePAC. Call us at 1-800-929-7566 for help and support.

Set up a Meeting for our Organizers to represent you in Washington D.C.

You are the constituent and have every legal and moral right set up a meeting with your Congressman’s office. Insist that the relevant staffer needs to meet with us this week. Coordinate this with us at 1-800-929-7566. Organize other constituents, such as State Senators, Industry Leaders, Community Bankers, etc. to do the same. If you want help in reaching your local leaders, call us, we can help you get in touch with them: 1-800-929-7566.

( Contributions to LaRouchePAC are Not Tax Deductible )

Click here for Download Links + Additional Information on Unsurvivable