Villaraigosa Admits: Obama Made Me Do It!
September 9, 2012 • 11:34AM

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who was chairman of the Democratic National Convention last week, and carried out the shameless fraud around the "Jerusalem" amendment to the Democratic Platform, admitted to the Los Angeles Times today that he "did it" under orders from Obama. The re-inculsion of a resolution endorsing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was clearly defeated by a voice vote that required a two-thirds majority for passage. After three separate voice votes, Villaraigosa declared that the amendment has passed even though it was obviously defeated, causing catcalls and boos from among the delegates. Villaraigosa told the LA Times today, "The President of the United States and the leader of my party asked me to do this, and so I'm proud I have a President who believes God and Jerusalem should be in the platform and so do I." He continued, "I can tell you this—the President of the United States said, 'Wow.' The President said 'You showed why you were speaker of the California Assembly... The President, the Vice President, Mrs. Obama, all of them acknowledged the decisive way I handled that."

Live reports from the convention made clear that the vote fraud by Villaraigosa was no isolated incident. Any dissent was crushed, and Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama were two of the chief enforcers. The Sept. 2 New York Times, in fact, carried a very nasty but informative profile of Valerie Jarrett under the headline "The Other Power in the West Wing," which detailed Jarrett's role as de facto White House chief of staff, stifling dissent and imposing policies that she divines are "true" to President Obama's viewpoints. One unnamed White House official told the Times' Jo Becker that Jarrett is nicknamed "the Night Stalker," because she frequently follows President Obama from the West Wing offices to the residence in the East Wing, where she and Michelle Obama have exclusive private access to the President. Among the shocking revalations in the Times piece is the fact that Jarrett, who has no national security portfolio, has been given Secret Service protection with her own security detail, something totally unprecedented. Patrick Caddell today published a lengthy piece on, "The Audacity of Cronyism: Jarrett, Plouffe, and Donilon," detailing corrupt business dealings and special perks the trio have garnered since Obama's inauguration.