Obama Was Placed in Power by British Interests Associated with the International Drug Trade
September 13, 2012 • 10:11AM

Spanish-language Russia Today television today broadcast the first show of Spain-based investigative journalist Daniel Estulin's new weekly half-hour program on RT, "From the Shadows," which was built around an extensive interview with EIR's Dennis Small. The audience of the show, which is available on cable throughout Ibero-America, the United States, and Spain, is about 5 million viewers, and each program is rebroadcast 12 times per day for a full week.

The show began with Estulin mentioning the recent U.S. Senate hearing on HSBC's drug-money-laundering crimes, and then turned to Small — who was identified as Ibero-American editor of the LaRouche movement's EIR, co-author of Dope, Inc., and an American political prisoner from 1989-1991 — who described HSBC as for over a century the central bank of Dope, Inc., which today is at the heart of the attempted bailout of the bankrupt global financial system.

In response to a question about why the "reticence" of the U.S. to cooperate with Russia to stop the flow of Afghan drugs, Small answered: "Because the U.S. government of Barack Obama was placed in power by British interests associated with the international drug trade." And in response to a later question about drug-money financing of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign, Small confirmed this was the case and pointed to the role of George Soros: "We have the direct political and financial contributions from George Soros. And George Soros is the principal financier of drug legalization." Small then referred to Soros's youth in Hungary as a proud participant in Hitler's crimes against Soros's fellow Jews.

Small explained that the British Empire is using $1 trillion in drug money to try to prop up its bankrupt world financial system, as LaRouche and EIR have repeatedly shown, and referred to the concurring comments in that regard of Russian anti-drug czar Viktor Ivanov, and former head of the UNODC Antonio Maria Costa. He also showed the famous "Grasso Abrazo" photograph, to document Wall Street's role in financing narco-terrorism internationally.

Spanish-speakers can view the full interview at: http://actualidad.rt.com/programas/desde_la_sombra/18487-Desde-Sombra-%28E1%29