LaRouche: Congress Must Stay in Session Because This President Cannot Be Trusted
September 14, 2012 • 4:39PM

Lyndon LaRouche said today that the revelation published in the London Independent, where the State Department had 48 hours' warning of the 9-11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in which Ambassador Chris Stevens was assassinated,— but did nothing, demonstrates that the State Department is jammed up, and failed terribly. Its negligence took the lives of some of our best diplomats.

"You can blame this on Obama's renomination," LaRouche said, "because without Obama's renomination, they wouldn't dare do this. And don't expect the Republicans to be any use on this.

"The State Department didn't react to it, and the President didn't react to it. That is negligence which must be promptly explained."

Sensitive documents are missing from the Consulate, and the location of our supposedly secret safehouse location was known to the killers.

"This is impeachable," LaRouche said. "This President is impeachable. This son-of-a-bitch is of no use to anyone.

"They had 48 hours notice. That's the question. The Secretary of State and the President have to react. And put them under pressure. Don't just put her under pressure; put him under pressure. It's negligence. Such negligence could only occur under the direction of the current President. With these deaths, the President who does regular killings is increasing his kill-ratio.

"This was a British operation; the British Monarchy with the Saudi Monarchy, just like the original 9-11.

"The forces of the Libyan government were complicit, and obviously the US must condemn the current Libyan government.

"But the real thing is the failure of the President to perform his duties. He should be impeached. For this negligence on his part, and his implicit complicity with this, he should be impeached. And that means we cancel his renomination: we'll be able to do that once we impeach him.

"Secretary of State Clinton will probably be brought before Congress, as the person legally responsible for the security of US diplomats. But we all know that ever since she was terrified by this President, she has not been willing to challenge him and his errors of negligence and commission. I'm not going to state publicly what I think the reasons for this are. I'm not going to say that she's to blame, although she is to blame in the sense that she shouldn't be in that position. But I understand what the situation is. We don't have much in the way of guts, in either the leadership of our political parties, or our Congress.

"Two US university campuses were evacuated today because of telephoned bomb threats, one supposedly from al-Qaeda. This is 9-11, number two. It comes from Saudi Arabia,— the British and Saudi Arabia, just like the original 9-11. 9-11, take two. This time with the complicity of Obama!

"In light of the President's failure, and his Secretary of State's failure in the most recent terror incident against US nationals and officials, obviously the Congress has to stay on duty because the President cannot be trusted.

"You see the terrible errors piling up one on top of the other, under this wretched and incompetent President. We can no longer trust our government under this President.

"At the same time, the bailout Bernanke announced yesterday is completely open-ended, both in duration and in volume. Obama is doing it to get himself re-elected, but it will cause a hyperinflation, because they're paying no attention to what's going on in Europe,— where exactly the same thing is being done there. Bernanke has started buying about $85 billion a month of mortgage-backed securities, but will then increase those purchases without limit, unless unemployment drops. In the same way, European Central Bank head Draghi is going to buy government bonds until their interest rates fall below a target,— which will never happen.

"Two things: the Obama failure, and Hillary's failure at the same time. We are in a position where we feel that the American people have no protection from the negligence of their President. This President and his political supporters are plunging the United States into immediate hyperinflation."