LaRouche: The Question is Thermonuclear World War III
September 16, 2012 • 10:36PM

Lyndon LaRouche today took note of the escalating pattern of "9/11-B" terrorist incidents, and British and American military deployments into the Persian Gulf and eastern Mediterranean, and reiterated that these are all potential excuses for a thermonuclear World War III. That is the policy of the British Empire, along with the Saudis, who are the Queen's subordinates, LaRouche stated.

Exemplary is the latest call by Al Qaeda in Yemen for Muslims around the world to kill U.S. diplomats wherever they can. A statement posted on the AL-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) website on Sept. 15 stated: "Whoever comes across America's ambassadors or emissaries should follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar's descendants [Libyans], who killed the American ambassador." They claimed that this call was being issued in response to the Grade B porno video that has actually been in circulation for months.

A telling map posted on the Politico website shows some 20 locations of anti-American protests in the last couple of days— all running around the southwestern perimeter of Russia. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated today that "I think we have to continue to be very vigilant, because I suspect that these demonstrations are likely to continue over the next few days, if not longer."

Also exemplary, the night of Sept. 14, a Taliban commando unit of 19 men, armed with rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, suicide vests, and automatic weapons—and reportedly dressed in U.S. military uniforms—managed to breach the perimeter of the super-fortified Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. Two U.S. Marines were killed and five aircraft were destroyed or damaged in a five-hour gunbattle, in which 18 of the 19 Taliban were killed, and one was captured.

That this attack, like the Benghazi assault, was a highly sophisticated military operation, is indicated by the nature of Camp Bastion, which is considered one of the world's most secure military bases, housing 28,000 American, British, and other troops—in this case including Prince Harry. The base is ringed by 30-foot wire fences topped with triple concertina barbed wire; has a 24-mile long, 30-foot high concrete blast wall, interspersed with watch towers; and has surveillance devices and radar to detect any movement on the ground or in the air out to a range of 20 miles.

It was probably a British agency that put the whole operation in place, LaRouche commented. These 9/11-B networks are clinically insane, he emphasized, but their insanity is being orchestrated by the British Empire and their Saudi subordinates, whose policy has brought the world to the brink of thermonuclear war. What we are seeing is just the beginning.