Libyan Security Guard: Benghazi Consulate Attack Took Place Before the Demonstrations Began
September 18, 2012 • 12:25AM

A Libyan security guard, who spoke to Britain's Daily Telegraph, in an article published Monday, has revealed that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi which killed U.S. personnel, occurred before there was any demonstration over the anti-Islam film.

The guard, who is recovering from wounds received by the attackers, and whose name has not been released, said that the assault began with a single warning shot, followed by hand grenades and heavy shooting from automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. "They were shouting 'Kill the bastards,'" he said, not religious slogans.

He said there were no demonstrators at the time of the attack, and that the attack came in from three sides. He said the attackers' accents were Benghazi, they wore masks, and many had their trouser legs rolled up—a mark of the Salafist sect.

The guard's testimony puts the lie—again—to U.S. UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who insisted, to protect her boss, that the attack from a response to the video.