Syria Makes Formal Protest at UN Over Turkey's Arming, Funding, and Training Al Qaeda To Attack Syrians
September 18, 2012 • 12:26AM

Two letters delivered on Sept. 16 to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and to the UN Security Council charge that Turkey is not only a transit point for Al Qaeda and neo-Salafi foreign terrorists to attack Syria, but that Turkey is arming, funding, and training the terrorists. The letter from Syria's Foreign and Expatriates Ministry states:

"The Turkish government was not only satisfied at hosting the organizations hostile to Syria which came from Arab and different countries or supplying them with weapons and money, but it also opened camps to train the terrorists, receive and host them," the letter says, according to excerpts published in the Syrian news service, SANA.

According to SANA, "The Ministry affirmed in its letters that the Turkish government has allowed the entry of thousands of al-Qaeda terrorists and takfiris and wahhabis to commit their crimes of killing the innocent Syrians, blowing up their properties and spreading chaos and sabotage in Syria."

The Syrian Foreign Ministry has been able to cite the findings and statements of Turkish opposition Members of Parliament who have confimed these activities.

The letters call on the Security Council and its committees "to immediately investigate" the information that has appeared in the international media, particularly in the Sunday Times of London, posted Sept. 14th. The SANA release cites Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Libya as the sources of foreign terrorists operating from Turkey against Syria. The letter also says that the Turkish government received "hundreds of tons of weapons coming from Libya and other states through merchants and brokers of terror and delivered them to members of al-Qaeda and Jihadists in Syria in a flagrant violation of the UN Security Council's relevant resolutions."