Dempsey Hits Hard About Serious Problems in Afghanistan; Contradicts Obama's Campaign Line
September 18, 2012 • 12:28AM

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Gen. Martin Dempsey is the U.S. government's truth teller in war avoidance, and he gave a chilling warning about the "inside attacks" in Afghanistan to the Armed Forces Press Service on Sept. 16 after a meeting with NATO allies Romania. The attacks are "a very serious threat" to the Afghanistan campaign, Dempsey said, while Obama's Defense Secretary Leon Panetta wishfully called the attacks "the last gasp" of the Taliban.

Dempsey's statements came after two days of attacks on ISAF coalition troops where four U.S. soldiers were killed in one attack, and two British troops were killed at Camp Bastion in Helmand province by Afghan attackers dressed in friendly uniforms — either police or army.

"We're all seized with [the insider attack] problem," Dempsey said, in statement to the Armed Forces Press Service, a DOD entity.

"You can't whitewash it. We can't convince ourselves that we just have to work harder to get through it. Something has to change." (emphasis added)

"But we've got to make sure our Afghan counterparts are as seized about it as we are.... We have to get on top of this. It is a very serious threat to the campaign." (emphasis added)

In reality, in Syria, Obama is financing/arming through cutouts the same Islamic extremist operatives of al-Qaeda and the Anglo-Saudis, as are attacking the U.S. and allied troops in Afghanistan.