UN Ambassador Susan Rice: Liar, and Agent of British Empire Genocide
September 18, 2012 • 9:23PM

The following is a written statement released by former congressional Candidate, Diane Sare NJ-5

“Out, damned spot!”

In the wake of the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya on September 11 of this year, Obama’s Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, absurdly claimed that this was a “spontaneous” result of a “spontaneous” demonstration. Acting more like a campaign stooge than a diplomat, she appeared to be desperately trying to cover up the fact that Obama and the State Department had been warned at least 48 hours in advance that such an incident was likely, and that Obama’s suppression of this warning makes him complicit in the needless deaths of four Americans in Benghazi that day.

Not only is Obama to blame for not acting to move his Ambassador out of harm’s way, but he also made it possible for this terror apparatus to remain functional by breaking his promise to the 9-11 victims’ families, and refusing to reveal the contents of 28 pages of the Congressional Inquiry, which, according to a September 11 editorial by former US Senator Bob Graham, reveal the Saudi role in funding the 2001 attacks. Further, rather than bringing them to justice, Obama, through the Solicitor General, granted diplomatic immunity to the Saudi Royal Family!

Obama’s Ambassador to the UN is also a pro-British Empire genocidalist, as is her former classmate from Oxford, now Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. When Rice said that there was “no daylight” between the bellicose ravings of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and US policy toward Iran, in direct contradiction to what Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, had stated earlier in London, she actually meant to say, “the sun never sets on the British Empire,” to which she owes her treasonous allegiance. (This little understood fact about the Empire may also explain why the British Royals are so insistent upon disrobing in broad daylight , and we can only hope that Rice doesn’t attempt to emulate them before the UN General Assembly)

The obscene antics of the Royals, and their followers like McFaul and Rice, with their pornographic “Pussy Riots”, would have long ago been forgotten, but for the foolish gullibility of the American television audience, and the alarming truth that we are careening toward thermonuclear war.

I first became acquainted with the genocidal proclivities of Susan Rice when Ambassadors of the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Congo-Kinshasa) to Washington, DC and to the UN, reached out to Lyndon LaRouche, and his journal EIR, to halt the murderous wars that had been unleashed in that region in the 1990’s. In May of 1997, Rice was appointed by President Clinton as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, and in every nation she touched, thousands died. Ultimately, her support of those who assassinated the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, who had died together in a tragic plane crash, led to the deaths of close to 3 million Africans, from ethnic cleansing, starvation and disease due to dislocation caused by the fighting. The blood of millions of Africans became the “spot” which qualified her to be Obama’s representative to the UN.

If American Patriots do not wish to see the entire planet destroyed by thermonuclear war as Obama’s puppet masters intend, impeach him now, before the next senseless deaths occur. Obama and his Ladies MacBeth (Valerie Jarrett, his wife, and Susan Rice), will lead the world to tragedy, unless you and your neighbors find the courage to step out of the cult of “popular opinion” and demand Obama’s impeachment now. If you look at the pace of chaos spreading around the globe, coupled with the pace of the breakdown of the trans-Atlantic economies, with Bernanke's latest QE III costing Americans $85 billion more per month in bailouts, the November elections are way too late, and there’s no one running for President who is remotely qualified. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW! TELL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, “DON’T COME HOME UNTIL OBAMA IS OUT OF OFFICE!”

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