Daily Telegraph: Obama To Back Israeli Strike on Iran To Win the Presidential Election
September 19, 2012 • 9:45AM

"Get Ready for an Autumn Hurricane as Israel Plots Its Iranian Strike" warns Britain's Daily Telegraph associate editor Jeremy Warner, saying that "October can be a cursed month." Warner writes that "a number of geopolitical threats have come roaring back to take their place. Chief among these is the possibility of Israeli military action against Iran. Talk among Washington insiders is of little else, with the upcoming Presidential election said to be making a strike ever more imminent.

"A close run Presidential election, it is said, would make it harder for Obama to oppose Israeli action outright. If Israel is to strike, it may have but a brief window of opportunity. The Daily Telegraph's story of an armada of international naval power accumulating in the [Persian] Gulf confirms the impression of a fast-developing situation. The Strait of Hormuz may soon need defending against an Iranian counterattack. Anti-Western riots across the Middle East, and anti-Japanese protests in China, have added to the feeling of growing geopolitical fragility...."