Impeach Obama for Complicity in Libyan 9/11
September 19, 2012 • 12:27PM

The following is a written statement released by former congressional candidate Rachel Brown, MA-4

The recent killing of the U.S. Ambassador Stevens along with three other Americans in Libya, occurred at the hands of President Obama. Despite numerous warnings of greatly heightened security threat to occupying forces in Benghazi from resident terrorist groups, including warnings directly from the Libyan government, neither the State Department, nor President Obama, acted to protect American lives. Now, Susan Rice is lying, claiming the attack was spontaneous, in order to make a distraction for the President. Obama himself suppressed the evidence of an impending attack, and allowed this operation to come into play, first with his cover-up of the Saudi role, by blocking release of 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report in the first 9/11, which detailed the British-Saudi role.

This second 9/11 and it's impending threat of thermonuclear war, along with the desperate moves for hyperinflation in both Europe and the United States, are the defining characteristics for the future of any American, rather than any irrelevant issues being discussed in the current election campaign. The two unacceptable, "party-approved" presidential candidates, along with their absurd topics of debate, are being used to prevent a legitimate discussion of the relevant issues concerning the survival of our nation, namely, hyperinflation, and the threat of thermonuclear war. The hyperinflation on a global scale, driven dramatically by recent decisions on both sides of the Atlantic, in the United States by the recent announcement by Ben Bernanke to purchase more toxic debt, i.e. give out billions of dollars without the backing of any legitimate asset, and in Europe with the decision of the German Constitutional Court to approve the nation-killing ESM financial dictatorship treaty, is deteriorating the resources of nations now. The Obama administration hopes that one more spurt of hyperinflation will prevent the meltdown from occurring before the election, but the truth is that although the exact point of collapse is unknowable, the hyperinflation is uncontainable.

This financial collapse and the lack of a sane response is putting us on a drive towards war, with Obama's "humanitarian" interventions for regime change now exposed as nothing but the creation of a hotbed for terrorists and jihadists, which just allowed for the murder of a U.S. diplomat, and other American citizens, in order for the second 9/11 attack in Libya to occur. The "rebels" in Syria, who are carrying out bombings, torture, and summary executions to accomplish Obama's regime change policy, and are also part of the British-Saudi funded terrorist networks, were largely originated in Libya during Obama's campaign to "topple" Qaddaffi. Now, these groups are being used to foment thermonuclear war, which will be with Russia and China, as is being positioned by British maneuvers. The demonstrations across the Middle East illustrate the immediate potential for a breakout of such a full-scale thermonuclear war with the western powers.

This is what LaRouche warned about at the time of the Libyan invasion, that it was putting the world on a trajectory toward thermonuclear extinction, and warned the Congress then "against permitting Obama to launch an illegal, aggressive war to topple Qaddafi." But the Senate, led by the pusillanimous Sen. Kerry, refused to act to defend the Constitution. LaRouche also warned of the role of the Saudi Prince Bandar Bin-Sultan, a complicit agent in the first 9/11, and a key component of the British-Saudi terrorism operation, who was recently appointed as head of Saudi intelligence, in a foretaste of events to come.

The result is what you see now, further acceleration toward thermonuclear war.

There is no predictability now of the ordinary type. We are in a period of history in which major changes are so rapid and so sweeping, that you can not have any fair estimate of how things are going to "work out". You can look at the parameters, and decide whether or not to act on them, but none of those parameters is the election. What is most significant now, is the prevention of thermonuclear war, by the immediate impeachment of Barack Obama for his complicity in the September 11th, 2012 murder of American citizens, designed for a policy of de-population around the planet, and coincident with the economic policies now being pushed for that same de-population agenda, such as financial austerity, lack of food security, and the availability of basic necessities for citizens of all ages.

The game of one party versus another has deprived American citizens of legitimate candidates and powerful ideas for too long, forcing the population to vote for some popular absurdity which has nothing to do with their own interest. Demand that Congress stay in session to impeach Obama, who is guilty of treason and crimes against humanity, cancel partisan politics, and join a political process of citizen-patriots acting to defend the long-term interests of our nation.

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