Obama and Guantanamo
September 19, 2012 • 12:32PM

The following is a written statement released by former congressional candidate Dave Christie, WA-9

Indict Obama for his role in the 9/11 tragedy in Libya and move for his impeachment. Obama suppressed the warnings that came before the attack, allowing the deaths of 4 of our nation’s diplomats. The blood is on his hands; remove him now.

As the lie propagates through the media that the death of 4 diplomats was caused by a trashy b-grade anti- Muslim video released months ago, there are those who know the truth; what occurred in Libya is part of the process unleashed by the British in their drive to start World War III, using Obama and the Saudi terror network that he and Bush have been protecting since 9/11. The killing of our diplomats in Libya was part of the second 9/11, only this time it is intended to set off World War III. LaRouche warned in October of last year that Obama’s illegal murder of Qadaffi signaled his intention to go directly into Syria and Iran to set the stage for a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China, forcing them to capitulate to the demands of the dying transatlantic imperial system. Since Russia and China will not back down, these threats can only escalate into a full scale thermonuclear war that will mean the extinction of humanity.

This is the hard truth of the strategic situation, and would have unfolded exactly as LaRouche warned after the brutal murder of Qadaffi under the guise of “humanitarian intervention”, had the patriots of the security establishment of the United States, Russia, and other nations, not acted to prevent this war from already occurring. There has been nothing remotely human about these humanitarian interventions, as the recent tragedy in Libya shows. These humanitarian interventions are part of Tony Blair’s doctrine called “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P), whose sole mission is to destroy the sovereignty of nations, in order to maintain the power of the British Empire. Susan Rice is Obama’s British trained attack dog to carry out this R2P mission at the United Nations, as she attempts to corral and intimidate all nations to fall in line with the destruction of their own sovereignty with these wars. However, the Russians and Chinese have made it clear that they see the direction these wars are going, and have vetoed such actions in Syria repeatedly. Both General Nikolay Makarov, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev have issued similar formulations warning just how dangerous this is.

“This does not improve the situation in the world while rash military interference in the affairs of another state usually results in radicals coming to power. Such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, can easily lead to full-scale regional wars even—I am not trying to scare anyone here—with the use of nuclear weapons. Everybody should remember this especially when we analyze the concept of state sovereignty." -Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

We are now coming to the threshold of thermonuclear war, and Obama is insane enough to take it to the brink. He must be removed now.

There are now sufficient grounds for Obama’s impeachment. There were official repeated warnings in the weeks leading up to the attack on our diplomats in Libya, which Obama and others in the State Department suppressed. The White House and the Department of Justice under Eric Holder are now moving for a cover-up operation, attempting to prevent a Congressional investigation into the events in Libya. To be clear, this cover-up is not simply to protect Obama and conceal his crime; this cover-up is to protect the integrated British- Saudi terror apparatus that carried out both 9/11 2001, and now 9/11 2012. This apparatus is an integral arm of British geopolitics, as they use terrorism as a form of irregular warfare against nations in their ancient “divide et impera” tactics. This apparatus is funded through some of the most intense corruption on the planet, such as the Al Yamamah deal, which was a BAE Systems deal with Saudi Arabia of weapons for oil, which funneled billions of untraceable dollars into a slush fund that became the virtually unlimited cash flow for terrorist operations run by British Saudi Royal puppets like Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. This is also the apparatus that relies on billions of dollars of drug money, laundered through the most corrupt banks such as HSBC, known to be involved in financing terrorism around the world. This is the true nature of Al Qaeda, and others in Prince Bandar’s stable of terrorists.

Perhaps this is why Obama refused to shut down Guantanamo; he thought it would be a useful recruiting ground for operatives to carry out his orders from the British Empire in Syria, or other locales in Southwest Asia. As Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated in an interview in Russia Today:

“Today some want to use militants from Al Qaeda or some other organizations with equally radical views to accomplish their goals in Syria. This policy is dangerous and very short-sighted. In that case, one should unlock Guantanamo, arm all of its inmates and bring them to Syria to do the fighting – it's practically the same kind of people. But what we should bear in mind is that one day these people will get back at their former captors…”

With the allegations surrounding Sufyan bin-Qumu role in Libya, could Putin’s warning be any more direct? It’s time to end the nightmare of the British- Saudi 9/11 terror apparatus. It’s time to send its current number one operative to a place where he can’t harm anyone anymore; only in Obama’s case, it will need to be a psychiatric ward. It’s the humanitarian thing to do.

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