An Ominous Sign: Navy Ships on the Move
September 20, 2012 • 9:38AM

The U.S. Navy's "Status of the Navy" website is showing a sudden upsurge in naval activity, just this week. On Sept. 17, the website showed 98 total ships at sea, with 71 of them deployed. Two days later, on Sept. 19, the numbers had jumped up to 113 and 78 respectively.

Lyndon LaRouche commented that it doesn't particularly matter where the Navy says they're going. They'll go wherever the British tell them to go. The point is, they're moving, and that's ominous.

While the number of aircraft carriers underway remains steady at four — the Eisenhower and the Enterprise in the Arabian Sea, with the Stennis transiting the Pacific Ocean to replace the Enterprise sometime in the next two weeks or so, and the USS George Washington underway in the Western Pacific — the big change has been in the number of amphibious ready groups (ARGs) at sea, which jumped from 3 to 6. An ARG consists of three ships each, and carries 2200 Marines with tanks, armored vehicles, helicopters and Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. Of the three new sailings, only one has been reported on. The USS Pelelieu ARG departed San Diego on Sept. 17, reportedly for a long-scheduled deployment to the Persian Gulf region.

These naval movements are part of a larger picture of motion that has ominous portents, given the intention of British tool Obama to launch a wider war in the Southwest Asia-Central Asia region. The Israeli army conducted an un-announced military drill on the Golan Heights today, involving artillery troops and their guns. According to the Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said that the drill had been planned in advance and was not connected to events in Syria or anywhere else. The Post notes, however, that it has been several years since this kind of drill was carried out. And, the drill comes simultaneously with the US-led mine warfare exercise in the Persian Gulf and just ahead of the U.S.-Israeli Austere Challenge 2012 missile defense exercise and an Israeli home-defense exercise that will be taking place concurrent with it.