Ambassador Stevens' Journal Speaks from the Grave of Death Threats
September 24, 2012 • 5:16PM

It is now undeniable that Obama and his entire Administration lied about the attack in which U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other U.S. citizens were murdered on 9/11-2. Stevens' personal, handwritten journal reveals that he was aware of, and worried about, "the never-ending security threats" that he was facing in Benghazi, and specifically about "the rise in Islamic extremism" and "growing Al Qaeda presence in Libya," and "being on an Al Qaeda hit list."

Lyndon LaRouche noted that CNN failed to mention "Madam Rice," who started the Goebbels-sized lie that the attack was in response to the anti-Muslim movie. "Rice's position [as UN Ambassador] is not insignificant," LaRouche said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," Cooper told Sen. John McCain that "a source familiar with Ambassador Christopher Stevens' thinking said that in the months before his death, he talked about being worried about the above threats to his life."

On Sept. 20, The Huffington Post asked CNN if it had Ambassador Stevens' personal journal. Cooper acknowledged that CNN had the journal, and it played a role in CNN's reporting. Cooper made a public statement: "On Wednesday of this week, we reported that a source familiar with Ambassador Stevens' thinking said in the months before his death, Ambassador Stevens talked about being worried about what he called the `the never-ending security threats in Benghazi.' We also reported that the Ambassador specifically mentioned `the rise in Islamic extremism,' the growing Al Qaeda presence in Libya,' and said he was `on an Al Qaeda hit list.' The information for the report, like all of CNN's reporting, was carefully vetted. Some of that information was found in a personal journal of Ambassador Stevens in his handwriting." Cooper said CNN came upon the journal in its reporting, and notified Stevens' family. At their request, we returned that journal to them. We reported what we found newsworthy in the ambassador's writings... CNN notified the family within hours after it was discovered, and at the family's request, provided it to them. [CNN said it was found Sept. 15 `on the floor of the largely unsecured consulate compound where [Stevens] was fatally wounded.] CNN correspondent Arwa Damon
followed up on the "tips" contained in the journal and corroborated them.

The State Department charged that CNN's reporting on Stevens' journal was "indefensible." The Wall Street Journal said the State Department enlisted the aid of the Italian envoy to safeguard the journal until it could be handed over to American officials in Tripoli.

CNN issued another statement Saturday night, giving a fuller account of its decision to reveal having had Stevens' journal, and responding to the State Department's no-holds-barred attack on the network's reporting as "indefensible":

"CNN did not initially report on the existence of a journal out of respect for the family, but we felt there were issues raised in the journal which required full reporting, which we did. We think the public had a right to know what CNN had learned from multiple sources about the fears and warnings of a terror threat before the Benghazi attack which are now raising questions about why the State Department didn't do more to protect Ambassador Stevens and other U.S. personnel. Perhaps the real question here is, why is the State Department now attacking the messenger? As we said, we had multiple sources on Anderson Cooper's report Wednesday night.

"The reason CNN ultimately reported Friday on the existence of the journal was because leaks to media organizations incorrectly suggested CNN had not quickly returned the journal, which we did. We reached out to the family of Ambassador Stevens within hours of retrieving the journal and returned it through a third party, within less than 24 hours from the time we found it. Out of respect to the family, we have not quoted from or shown the journal." The journal is reported to be 7 pages long.

Ninety minutes later, the State Department issued a blistering response, calling CNN's handling of the journal "disgusting."