Barack Obama Has "Poked Out the Eyes" of U.S. Intelligence in Libya and the Mideast
September 25, 2012 • 10:30AM

Barack Obama is blinding the U.S. intelligence capability throughout the Middle East with his subservience to the British, and he must be ousted from office, Lyndon LaRouche reiterated today.

New revelations about the extent of threats from the Anglo-Saudi neo-Salafi forces that murdered U.S. Ambassador Chis Stevens and three other Americans, show that the deadly attack and the subsequent scramble to cover up Barack Obama's criminal culpability in failing to protect the U.S. Ambassador was, in the words of a New York Times official U.S. intelligence source, "a catastrophic intelligence loss." An American official who served in Libya told the New York Times (dateline 9/23), "We got our eyes poked out," because of the lack of security. Not only was the consulate looted, reported the Times, but a nearby annex that is being described as a makeshift "safehouse" was also destroyed and looted. The identities of Libyans who were collaborating with the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies as sources against the neo-Salafi Ansar al Sharia and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) are believed to now be compromised.

The Times reports that "among the more than two dozen American personnel evacuated" from Benghazi after the assault "were about a dozen CIA operatives and contractors," who were there to conduct surveillance, gather information on "an array" of anti-American armed groups, and track weapons traffic, including shoulder-fired missiles and chemical weapons. The CIA mission, reported the Times, was much larger than many officials in the post-Qaddafi Libyan government knew — including the Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagour, and they were critical to training a new intelligence service for Libya.

Now, says the Times, the CIA and other intelligence operatives are "scattered across Europe and the United States." Not only does this compromise the intelligence mission to counter Al Qaeda and related forces, but the investigation of the murder of Ambassadpr Stevens and the others is also compromised. American witnesses are gone from the area, and it is unclear whether "much forensic evidence" can be obtained from the sites that were held by the attacking forces and looted.

The investigation, says the Times, has turned to investigating if the attackers were members of AQIM, or were communicating with them during the attacks on the two separate locations. More than four hours elapsed in the attacks, but where the reinforcements and defending forces were has still not been answered.

Administration officials continued their lies and cover-up in anonymous statements to the Times. Confronted with the Times investigation of the "serious blow" to CIA efforts, these officials "acknowledge" the "serious setback" but insisted that intelligence collection is continuing. "The U.S. isn't close to being blind in Benghazi and eastern Libya," the lying official said.

Lyndon LaRouche, who is demanding the immediate ouster of Obama from office after the Benghazi attack, said today that Obama is blinding U.S. intelligence not only in Libya but throughout the Middle East. Obama is a danger to the nation, and if he becomes president again, civilization is doomed. That is why, LaRouche emphasized, Bill Clinton has got to break with Obama now. The nation would not long survive Obama's re-election as President—but Obama would not now be a likely President, if it were not for what Bill Clinton is doing to support him.