Neo-Con Barry Rubin Attacks Salafist Takeover In Syria but Tony Blair Still Defends Jihadis
September 25, 2012 • 11:22AM

(EIRNS)—Barry Rubin, one of American-Israeli sources for Tony Blair's 2002 sexed-up dossiers that started the Iraq war, is now warning about the disaster the would result from overthrowing Assad and putting in the MB/Islamists backed by Turkey-Saudi-Qatar. The U.S. should immediately stop all operations to help the "Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist, and Jihadist" opposition take over Syria, Rubin says.

But Obama's puppetmaster Tony Blair has no second thoughts about backing the Jihadis. In an interview with NBC's Today Show, Sept. 24, Blair is asked about the Libya and other attacks on the U.S.: "If — if I were you in America, I would not — I would not worry about being loved. That's not your role in the world, right? Your role is to be strong and you are strong." (This is the same identical pep-talk he used to give to his last puppet, "Goofy" Bush.)

Then, Blair lies that there are broad Libyan "counter demonstrations" against the militias that killed the Americans in the new 9/11 attacks.

Rubin says the opposite to Blair's line in an article published yesterday in the Jewish Press:

"The Syrian civil war has crossed a red line. Some people may think this happened a few weeks or months ago but at any rate it is clearly true now. The prospects for an Islamist (Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist, and Jihadist) takeover have risen high enough that it is better to freeze Western intervention. In other words, the West should not do more to aid the rebellion and should consider stopping its current efforts in that direction. Here is a fact so shocking that it should be the centerpiece of any discussion over Syria.

"It is so important I'm going to put it in bold: The Obama Administration is backing (Islamist) Turkey as the distributor of weapons supplied by (opportunistically pro-Islamist) Qatar. Turkey and Qatar want to give the Muslim Brotherhood a monopoly over receiving weapons even though most of the rebels are non- and even anti-Islamist. As this happens, the Obama Administration is thus working directly to install a revolutionary Islamist regime in Syria that will disrupt the region, help shred U.S. interests, and battle with Israel for decades to come. A number of Republican senators see no problem with this strategy. Actually, it's even worse. Due to historical developments, the Syrian Brotherhood is more radical than its Egyptian counterpart...."