Senior Israeli Sources Charge Obama Is Deploying Terrorist MEK
September 25, 2012 • 11:25AM

Obama's taking the Mujahideen e-Khalq (MEK) off the list of terrorists is an open endorsement of terrorism, writes Richard Silverstein, a U.S. based journalist with close ties to Israeli political, military and intelligence officials who oppose war against Iran.

In a Sept. 24 column in Britain's Guardian, Silverstein blasts Obama for his impending decision to take MEK, the group that has assassinated U.S. diplomats and military officers, off the Treasury Department's terrorism list. According to Silverstein's Israeli sources, including a "former senior minister and IDF officer," the Israeli Mossad has used the MEK to plant phony information about Iran's nuclear program, and been involved in the assassination of "four nuclear scientists [in Iran] and caused the explosion that obliterated an Iranian Revolutionary Guard missile base."

Now Obama is giving the MEK a "seal of approval," and "just as President Obama's anti-terror policies, including targeted assassinations and drone strikes, have betrayed his previous denunciations of such violations of constitutional principles," this endorsement of the MEK shows that Obama has no commitment to using diplomacy with Iran.

In fact, Silverstein says, Obama is using MEK for covert operations against Iran, and will use the "delisting" of them as "proof" that he is taking action against Iran — not just against the nuclear program: MEK's aim is regime change in Iran.

Silverstein says, "Last week, the Director of Iran's nuclear program reported an August explosion disrupted the power lines to the new Fordo uranium enrichment facility. My source says this sabotage was also a product of the Mossad-MEK collaboration.

"The U.S. delisting of the group is a sham. The Obama administration isn't even claiming the MEK has renounced terrorism....the MEK is useful in the covert war the U.S. and Israel are waging against Iran's nuclear program. It is our proxy, much as the Cuban rebels involved in the Bay of Pigs operation served our interests in the fight against Fidel Castro; and the Afghan mujahideen fought a dirty war for us against the Soviets." (mjs)