Republican Senator Warns 'Hell to Pay' If Strike on Iran
September 30, 2012 • 9:51AM

Bloomberg news service reports that they will be airing an interview with Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, whom they call "the leading Republican foreign policy expert in Congress," in which Lugar warns against a military strike on Iran. "The idea of moving with our allies, as many as we can find, on effective sanctions on the country [Iran] has been the right move... I understand even some wanting to go to war immediately to stop it where it is and so forth. But even within Israel, the reports are that the debate with Netanyahu is very intense."

Should this go ahead, "we're really going to have hell to pay. They will come back on us, and the implications for the Israeli people here are very severe," Lugar warned.

Lugar, who has spoken out against Mitt Romney's provocative talk of Russia being a number one enemy of the United States, reportedly here counsels more common sense in dealings with China, also. Lugar calls Romney's plan to designate China a currency manipulator "a campaign mode." On this as on Russia, Lugar said Romney "has not had a great chance to study all of these issues. He is trying to pick up advice on the fly, trying to pick up campaign slogans or something that might sell in a particular state or situation." If elected, Lugar said he has "much greater faith in his overall intelligence, his comprehension of the world, once he actually has the responsibility."