Coordinated Anti-Austerity Protests Hit Southern Europe
September 30, 2012 • 4:50PM

Today tens of thousands of Spanish and Portuguese protesters, of all ages and from all walks of life, were back out in the streets again, protesting the "social genocide" which is being imposed upon them by the EU financial oligarchy.

Greater coordination has clearly been established between protestors across Southern Europe. The coordinating body of Spain's "Surround the Congress movement (dubbed 25S) posted a short "Call from the Countries of Southern Europe" in Greek, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian on its website ( this week, declaring:

"The politics of austerity affect all citizens of southern Europe. The dictates of the Troika are destroying the lives of millions of people in order to continue looting the common wealth through the mechanism of the debt. The governments complicit in the great fraud cannot keep us from fighting together for our lives and our future with all our force and intelligence. We will take to the streets on September 29 in Portugal, Italy and Spain, and we invite our Greek brothers to continue mobilizing jointly with us. We will surround the parliaments; we will take the streets; and we will tell our politicians to leave; that we are not going to continue tolerating the barbarity that the financial markets are imposing on us. We want a new democracy in Europe. The PIGS are rebelling; Screw the Troika. We don't owe; we won't pay."

In Portugal, signs reading "Go to hell Troika, we want our lives back," dominated the march in Lisbon called by the Portuguese CGTP trade union confederation for today. "A year ago the Prime Minister told us the solution to the country's problems was the agreement with the Troika... But we have already seen this film in Greece, this is a road without an exit, pushing us toward the precipice," CGTP head Armenio Carlos charged in his speech to the rally.

In Spain, thousands of protestors surrounded the parliament building for the third time this week. (Estimates given of attendees range from 4,500 to 60,000!) The statement read at the rally focused its fire how the Troika and the financial markets have "kidnapped popular sovereignity." We are accompanied on the streets by our Portuguese, Greek and Italian brothers, "surrounding their own parliaments. They are the PIGS; we are Southern Europe, and without the South, there is no possible Europe," it read. As for domestic politics, the leadership of the protestors declared that neither the currently ruling PP party and its predecessor, the PSOE, have listened. "Both have betrayed their own voters," and put through budgets which allocate much more money to pay an illegitimate debt than to the social needs which could help create a collective way out of the crisis."

The 25S movement promises to come back out in front of the parliament when the budget is discussed, and has called on Spaniards to organize coordinated protests across the country, not just in Madrid.