Interview with Kesha Rogers: Put Principle Above Party
October 1, 2012 • 11:58AM

This interview was conducted by Executive Intelligence Review Magazine on September 24th.

Contrary to the media/money show that is the Presidential election, decision time in the United States is not Nov. 6, but the immediate days ahead, when President Barack Obama could, without as much as a nod to Congress or the Constitution, lurch the United States into a military confrontation that could result in world war. But that is not the view of most political candidates or leaders in the United States, not to mention the population at large, which is dominated by a state of demoralization or denial.

The main exception to this is Kesha Rogers, the LaRouche candidate who is running for the second time, against Republican incumbent Pete Olson in the 22nd Congressional District of Texas. Rogers won her Democratic primary in May, and has been campaigning vigorously, primarily on the streets, since the beginning of the year. I caught up with her on the campaign trail over the weekend, and she answered a series of questions on the campaign.

EIR: You’ve stated that you stand for “principle before party,” and you also identify yourself as a “LaRouche Democrat.” What has been your intervention, as a LaRouche Democrat, into the present political situation?

Rogers: As a LaRouche Democrat and a part of a national slate of candidates, my campaign has made a point to reject the regular partisan loyalties, in the interests of the nation. The present political situation that we find ourselves in, affects all Americans. The worsening economic crisis, and the threat of thermonuclear war, is an existential threat to both parties, Republicans and Democrats alike. My intervention as a member of a national Presidential slate into the current political situation has been to stand boldly to tell the truth, and to put forth the needed recovery programs which will benefit the entire nation, not just one party. My campaign’s intervention has been educating people on the three-fold platform of GlassSteagall, national banking, and NAWAPA XXI, combined with the full funding of NASA in the interest of planetary defense. In order to accomplish this platform, we need to restore a commitment to a national mission, which means a rejection of party politics. At this point, everything this President has done, either gutting investments into critical science-driver missions, to unconstitutional preemptive military interventions overseas, to the continued bailout of the trans-Atlantic investment banks at the expense of our nation, makes it clear that what is needed is not party unity, but a patriotic effort to force him out of office. At present, we are facing insanity in both parties, even though Obama, who holds the levers of state power, is the greater danger. I have highlighted this fact in my mass circulation leaflet, “A vote for Pete is a vote for Obama” where I point out that my Republican opponent continues to oppose removing Obama. At an Aug. 28 meeting of the Katy Area Republican Club, when challenged to support impeachment, Olson said: “I hear what you’re saying about his crimes, but, we have more important things to focus on. Just vote him out.” More important things than challenge a madman who is toying with nuclear war, assassinating U.S. citizens, and destroying our food supply? Pete Olson is playing a deadly partisan game—all the while voting to sustain, or even expand, Obama’s dictatorial powers.

Obama’s Shutdown of Constellation

EIR: You first called for President Obama to be impeached in 2009, when he announced the cancellation of NASA’s Constellation program. Can you explain why Obama’s attack on NASA is impeachable?

Rogers: Obama has rejected a national scientific mission in the interest of green environmentalist population reduction. When Obama cut the Constellation program and the funding to our manned and unmanned space program, he put the nation in grave danger, and has now rendered the nation vulnerable, at the moment we ought to be addressing the defenses against known galactic and Solar threats. Obama continues to privatize the space program and reject a national mission for scientific progress. When I called for the impeachment of Obama in 2009 for his cuts to NASA, it was due to his blatant disregard of the security and well-being of the American people. His foreign policy and push for thermonuclear war has escalated that threat. There are many clear-cut impeachable offenses and violations of the Constitution that warrant Obama’s removal immediately, namely his launching of war in Libya without the express consent of Congress, his complicit role in the cover-up of the murder of a U.S. ambassador and his staff, and his continued instigation of thermonuclear war. All these acts are in clear violation of the general welfare and progress of the nation, and warrant impeachment.

EIR: As a LaRouche Democrat, you’ve focused your platform on several very specific, yet far-reaching policies, specifically reinstating Glass-Steagall, establishing a new national banking system, and what you’ve described as “science-driven mega-projects,” like the North American Water and Power Alliance [NAWAPA], and the planetary defense of Earth from nuclear war, asteroid impacts, and space weather. Of all the important issues on the table, why are these the most important?

Rogers: We have now been hit with the greatest economic global collapse of our time. We are witnessing the highest unemployment, the inability to grow the food needed to feed our population; we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to severe threats such as Solar storms and asteroids, and how have we addressed these deadly threats? By continuing to bail out Wall Street and London financial speculators with taxpayer dollars, and shutting down our national defenses. The LaRouche national slate’s threefold platform for a national economic recovery program is the only serious alternative being put forward. Its policies will give us a national scientific mission, and restore full employment with projects such as NAWAPA XXI and full funding of NASA that will guarantee upwards of 14 million productive jobs.

No Peace While Obama in White House

EIR: Leading Congressional, military, and intelligence figures, both national and international, have warned that the continued escalation of violent regime change by the U.S.A. and NATO is leading directly to a new world war, which would include the use of thermonuclear weapons. Tension among nations is near an all-time high, and the activity of terrorist groups are increasing. What do you propose be done, not only to calm the international march to war, but establish a lasting peace among nations?

Rogers: There will be no peace among nations as long as Obama remains in the White House. He must be impeached now! I have joined leading figures who have warned of this threat, namely by organizing the population and institutional leaders to demand that Congress act now to pass HCR 107 [see Feature] which addresses the violation of the War Powers Act as an impeachable offense. The only way to a lasting peace is through economic development for all nations, and acting in the interest of all nations.

EIR: I understand you’ve had some national publicity lately. What is going on with that?

Rogers: Upon finding me not in attendance at the National Democratic Party Convention, as the Democratic nominee of the 22nd district, I was called by an editor with Huffington Post, who asked me to explain my stance against the President, and my platform. The results of this interview created a major stir among the African-American population, by focusing on myself being African-American, and calling for the impeachment of Obama. The article attempted to portray me as loony, by dramatizing my denouncing (in 2009) of Obama’s Independent Payment Advisory Board for being modeled on Hitler’s Tiergarten Vier [T4], and then not mentioning that at all, but simply saying I’m calling all of Obamacare as based on the policy that led to eugenics and the Holocaust. It also portrayed my defense of Kennedy’s space program as crazy. This article came out on Sept. 11, 2012, the same day as the premeditated terrorist attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Libya, which Obama knew was planned. I smell a coverup, similar to if the press chose to freak out about Hitler’s T4 board from 1939, at the very time he’s invading France in 1941. The reaction to the attack was interesting. It went viral on the web for a week or two. From all that, about 20-30 people contacted my campaign directly, to denounce or threaten me, but another 30-40 people took my warnings seriously and engaged in a more developed dialogue about my platform, the threats of Obama’s looming world war, and the courage and leadership it takes to be female, black, and a Democrat, and oppose Obama in such a clear manner, while also providing concrete policy solutions. So overall, despite this attack being designed to shame me out of the race, the American people understand what I’m saying, and of those with the guts to say something to me about it, more, rather than less are supportive.

The Shift from 2010

EIR: How is the population responding to your campaign at this point? Is there any particular shift from your last campaign in 2010?

Rogers: This 2012 Congressional race has been different from the 2010 race in several ways. People in the District now know who I am, and they know what I’ve been saying for the past three years. So I’m getting a far more serious response from people, because they aren’t as hyperactive about Obama or Tea Party/GOP partisanship. The total failure of cheerleader-style politics to solve the economic meltdown has inspired new interest in my platform. The Olson Dossier and inane babbling of Romney have been key in breaking the axiom of voting Republican as a way to stop Obama. Just showing how Olson has voted to empower the worst of Obama’s lawlessness, opens peoples’ eyes to how the Republicans are trying to benefit from such policies, rather than save the Constitution. And they are totally freaked out about my ability to mobilize people with the truth. At a club meeting in the District last month, the Fort Bend County GOP chair told people, “Do not underestimate Kesha; she wasn’t supposed to win her primary!” So they know I can’t be contained or intimidated. But a lot more help is needed in the 45 days remaining until election day. I urge your readers to interact with me directly on Twitter and Facebook, with the name KeshaRogersTX22, and otherwise get in touch with the campaign at [email protected]