Obama Lied From Day One: US Intelligence Knew All Along 9/11/12 Was Terror Attack
October 2, 2012 • 8:54AM

The Obama Administration has been lying about the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American diplomats from the day of the killings—Sept. 11, 2012—and continues to lie up to the present moment. Over the past weekend, Gen. James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, issued a statement through his press spokesman, taking responsibility for the initial false accounts by President Obama, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and other Administration officials—claiming that the President was only basing his remarks on the initial intelligence provided to him by the U.S. intelligence community.

The Clapper statements were a flagrant lie and coverup, all aimed at protecting Obama. In point of fact, Executive Intelligence Review counterintelligence analysts had received a detailed briefing from a senior active U.S. intelligence community source on the morning of Sept. 12, providing precisely the details that Obama, Rice and now Clapper claim they only obtained a week later.

From contemporaneous notes on the Sept. 12 morning conversation, the source had reported that the Administration was responsible for a catastrophic failure to provide adequate security at the Benghazi consulate, resulting in the deaths of the four American diplomats. There should have been Marine security teams stationed at the consulate based on intelligence of the deteriorating security situation.

The source had provided specific details on the terrorist attack, naming the group Ansar al-Sharia as the al-Qaeda linked perpetrators. He cited reports received within moments of the attack from Libyan ambassadors around the world, indicating that Ansar al-Sharia had at least two members on the local Benghazi public safety committee, which runs the local security system through a combination of police and militias. He reported that some of the security personnel posted outside the consulate compound were part of the premeditated attack, and provided the attackers with details on where the U.S. ambassador was inside the compound.

The U.S. intelligence community source had emphasized that the blame for the attack rested squarely on the Obama Administration, because it was known that the security situation in the Benghazi region had disintegrated. "You cannot blame a non-government for a lapse of security," the source said. "Why were there no Marines present?" He added that the Libyan government in Tripoli is closely aligned with Washington, and if Obama had asked to post a batallion of Marines at the embassy and consulate compounds, the Libyan government would have happily allowed them in.

The source concluded by noting that President Obama had "abused his presidential authority" by going out of his way to publicly claim credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, and allowing the leaking of details of the raid. This was a situation where the less said, the better. Obama went the other way.

The sources subsequently reported that the U.S. intelligence community was conducting extensive debriefings of eyewitnesses, Libyan government officials and others who were providing a detailed account of the attack. However, within hours of the attack, all of the essential details were known, and the Obama Administration went on a rampage of lies to cover up their culpability.