Obama Launches Thermonuclear War Deployment against China
October 2, 2012 • 8:58AM

Time magazine has revealed that the Obama Administration has deployed two aircraft carrier battle groups plus a 2200 strong Marine air-ground assault task force into the region of the ongoing territorial dispute between Japan and China. Such a massive concentration of force over the three rocks in the East China Sea called the Senkaku Islands in Japan and the Diaoyu Islands in China, was compared by Lyndon LaRouche to the British deployments into the region in the 1890s, aimed at dragging Japan away from the U.S.-influenced Meiji Restoration policies, and into the British imperial outlook — in particular, to wage war on China, and later on Russia, as indeed they did.

The George Washington aircraft carrier group is in the East China Sea, the site of the China/Japan showdown over the uninhabited rocks (and the rich mineral resources around them). Just to the south, in the South China Sea, is the John D. Stennis carrier group, on its way from its Washington State base to the Persian Gulf. (The South China Sea is also the site of the parallel manufactured territorial conflict between China and the Philippines.) Each carrier group has 80 fighter aircraft, guided-missile cruisers and destroyers, submarines and supply ships.

To the east, in the Philippine Sea, is the Marine task force of three ships, including amphibious assault vehicles, light armored vehicles, artillery, helicopters and Harrier fighter jets.

All three groups have just finished exercises near Guam, together with Japanese forces, based on invading occupied islands.

The conflict was manufactured by the right-wing British asset in Japan, Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara, who took measures to "buy" the rocks from another Japanese owner. The weak, lame-duck Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda then jumped on board, nationalizing the islands, thus turning an issue which has been conveniently ignored for many years into a showdown with China, which has always claimed the islands as Chinese territory.

LaRouche described the massive U.S. military operation as a "thermonuclear war deployment," not necessarily pre-determined to start a war, but prepared to do so, and thereby creating the real potentiality.