Issa: State Ignored Committee's First, Unpublicized Letter on Denial of Security
October 3, 2012 • 11:52PM

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said that a letter detailing the Obama denial of security to the Benghazi U.S. Consulate, and detailing the warnings of its consequences, was sent to the State Department already on Sept. 20. Issa said that letter, sent by National Security Subcommittee chairman Jason Chaffitz, had not been responded to as of Oct. 2, the date on which Issa and Chaffitz made their "bombshell" public release of the information.

Issa revealed the background in an interview Oct. 2 on CNN's "Out Front" program, when he was asked by host Erin Burnett why the Committee had made the damning information public one month before the Presidential election. Issa emphasized that the Committee was "not making allegations, but releasing reports from whistleblowers"; and he added that those reports had been "confirmed by an interview with the former [State Department] Regional Security Officer, Mr. Colinara, who actually confirmed he has 66 separate such incidents" from among which the Committee publicized 13. The chairman said that the whistleblowers interviewed had told the Committee that a major threat was developing for some time around the Benghazi Consulate, and that it had been reported to State Department officials.

Issa did not answer a question from Burnett on "Who denied security?" to the consulate, nor indicate whether the Committee knew that answer as of now. He stressed that the Committee is trying to determine the situation in other countries, and whether the Benghazi murders threaten to be repeated.