Obama's Presidential Debate Meltdown Seen by 40 Million Viewers
October 5, 2012 • 9:45AM

The first presidential debate on Wednesday night at the University of Denver was a total rout. Polls taken within an hour of the end of the debate by CNN showed that Romney mopped the floor with President Obama. 67 percent of those polled said that Romney won the debate; only 25 percent said that Obama won. Polls this morning of independent voters in Colorado, one of the key swing states where the election will be decided, showed a significant shift in favor of Romney.

While much of the news media coverage focused on Obama's bored, uninspiring performance, the fact is that there were several substantive issues that Romney raised that hit home with voters.

First, Romney slammed Obamacare and singled out the IPAB, which he called an unelected board that will have the power to cut health care services. Romney nailed Obama for squandering the first two years of his presidency on Obamacare while doing nothing to create jobs. Romney raised the IPAB issue several times, and ultimately Obama walked into the trap of defending the death panels, lying that they were not empowered to cut health care services.

Romney also went after Dodd-Frank, vowing that he would repeal those provisions for bailing out the too-big-to-fail banks. He attacked Obama for letting hundreds of community banks go under since the passage of Dodd Frank, while maintaining the commitment to protect the five too-big-to-fail banks.

At the conclusion, Obama the mass murderer decided to ignore the fact that the debate was supposed to be on the economy, and turned lawfully to what he thinks is his one trump card — he killed Osama bin Laden. You know he has murder on his mind.