Argentine President's Courting of Soros is Dangerous Blunder
October 9, 2012 • 11:56AM

At a time that she is subject to increasingly violent attacks from the City of London's speculative vulture funds, whose representatives are threatening to overthrow her government and even kill her, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has committed the dangerous blunder of courting the British Empire's billionaire speculator and drug legalization kingpin George Soros, whose campaign to end national sovereignty on behalf of wholesale economic plundering in no way differs from that of the "hard cop" vultures.

On Sept. 25, Fernandez met with Soros in New York, during her visit to the United Nations General Assembly, for an hour- long "open agenda" meeting, in which they reportedly discussed Argentina's "promising future" in world agricultural production. But, the President reported, "I was also very much interested in hearing his opinion on what is going on in the world."

Big mistake. By courting the Nazi-trained Soros, the Argentine President has opened up a gaping vulnerability, made more dangerous by her dependence on Soros's close ally, economist Joseph Stiglitz, for policy advice. A high-level South American source told this news service that he has personally observed Stiglitz acting directly on Soros's behalf to sabotage developing sector efforts to restructure and repudiate illegitimate debt, including bringing Soros in for private dinner discussions with developing sector representatives.

Soros's Argentine allies, among them top government advisor and former Montonero terrorist Horacio Verbitsky, are also behind efforts to ram the Empire's drug decriminalization policy through the Argentine Congress.

The folly in the President's thinking was recently revealed by Planning and Investment Minister Julio De Vido, a close longtime ally of both Nestor and Cristina Kirchner and key economic policy adviser. While in Russia on Oct. 1, he responded to London and Wall Street charges that Argentina is closing itself off from the world, by arguing that the President's meeting with Soros in New York was an excellent example of how she is acting positively to open the country to more foreign contact.