Russian News Agency Highlights Zepp-LaRouche Speech at Rhodes Forum
October 10, 2012 • 8:01AM

A release issued by the major Russian news agency RIA Novosti Oct. 7 highlighted Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche's stark warning of the imminent danger of nuclear war, delivered at the closing plenary session of the Rhodes Forum - Dialogue of Civilizations that day, on the Island of Rhodes in Greece. Under the headline "Rhodes Forum States Dangers Of War, Migration, And Nanotechnologies," the Novosti wire began: "Participants in the Rhodes Forum - Dialogue of Civilizations have called on the world community not to allow military solutions to political and economic problems, under modern conditions of the threat of a global nuclear war." Novosti went on to quote Prof. Fred Dallmayr of Notre Dame, who is now a co-chairman of the Dialogue of Civilizations organization, and Zepp-LaRouche, as follows:

"'The rulers of the world possess enormous military force... Thousands of local inhabitants were killed during the intervention in Iraq. Today Iran's right to life is being denied... The economy is being strengthened through an arms build-up. The phrase "all options are on the table" means that the military option is, too. This is a cruel phrase, which we should reject! Those were Hitler's words, when he invaded Czechoslovakia,' said Notre Dame University Professor of Philosophy and Political Science Fred Dallmayr (USA) on Sunday at the concluding session of the Forum. ... The Professor said that for those who launch wars, Iraq and Iran are minor targets, while the major ones are Russia and China.

"'We are on the brink of nuclear war... The Middle East has become a new Balkans as on the eve of the First World war, warned President of the German Schiller Institute Helga LaRouche. This is indicated, in her opinion, by the aggravation of the situation on the Turkish-Syrian border, the ever greater number of U.S. aircraft carriers in the western Pacific Ocean, NATO's creation of a nuclear shield, the policy of regime-change that led to the bombing of Iraq, and the threats against Iran."