Benghazi-Gate Engulfs Obama
October 10, 2012 • 8:20AM

New documentation is surfacing daily of how President Obama set up Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans for the kill in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11th last, and then had his henchmen in the administration lie to cover up his criminal responsibility.

More can be expected to emerge from Wednesday's House Government Reform and Oversight Committee hearings on this impeachable matter. Under Secretary of State for Management Patrick F. Kennedy has been added to the hearing witness list, after Congressional sources leaked to the media that one day after the Benghazi assault, Kennedy briefed House and Senate staffers that the killings were likely the result of a terrorist attack — a reality which UN Ambassador Susan Rice and White House spokesman Jay Carney spent the next week rejecting out of hand.

Each new piece of evidence re-enforces the conclusion that the administration not only knew at the time the attack occurred, that this was a terrorist hit, but that U.S. intelligence and military were warning months before that Al Qaeda networks posed an immediate threat to United States officials operating in Libya, even as the only action taken was to lessen security for U.S. personnel there.

Consider the following two documents just made public. First, a cable with the "Benghazi Weekly Report" sent to the State Department by the U.S. Embassy on 9/11 itself, signed off on by Amb. Stevens, reported that the security situation in Benghazi was deteriorating, and that leaders of two militias whose membership overlapped the "February 17" militia providing security for U.S. installations were accusing the U.S. of supporting a candidate for Prime Minister whom they opposed, threatening that if the U.S. should continue to do so, they would no longer "guarantee" security in Benghazi. The cable, marked sensitive but not classified, was read and reported by Eli Lake of Newsweek's The Daily Beast.

That cable reported that one of the two militias threatening "to no longer guarantee security" was headed by Wissam bin Ahmed. Wissam bin Ahmed's militia, in turn, had been identified in an August 2012 54-page internal Pentagon report as part of the rapidly expanding jihadist network in Libya, similar in behavior to Al-Qaeda's militias, albeit with "fewer advertised grudges against the West."

The existence of the Pentagon report was revealed by investigative reporter Bill Gertz, according to an Oct. 8 report in American Thinker. Titled "Al Qaeda In Libya: A Profile," it was prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under an Interagency Agreement with the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office's Irregular Warfare Support Program. Gertz's report on its Executive Summary makes clear that the Pentagon believes Obama's Libya and Syria policy is promoting Al Qaeda:

"Al-Qaeda Senior Leadership (AQSL), based in Pakistan, is likely seeking to build a clandestine network in Libya as it pursues its strategy of reinforcing its presence in North Africa and the Middle East... [T]he Libyan Revolution may have created an environment conducive to jihad and empowered the large and active community of Libyan jihadists, which is known to be well connected to international jihad....

"Al-Qaeda adherents in Libya used the 2011 Revolution to establish well-armed, well-trained, and combat-experienced militias.... The al-Qaeda clandestine network is currently in an expansion phase, running training camps and media campaigns on social-media platforms...

"Al-Qaeda affiliates such as AQIM are also benefiting from the situation in Libya. AQIM will likely join hands with the al-Qaeda clandestine network in Libya to secure a supply of arms for its areas of operations in northern Mali and Algeria.

And lastly, "Al-Qaeda's clandestine network is highly likely to recruit and train local and foreign jihadists to be sent to Syria."