Senator Corker: Obama Must Have Known What Happened in Libya
October 13, 2012 • 9:07AM

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), next in line to run the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has just returned from Libya. In an interview with the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin today, he blasted the lying from the Obama Administration: "It baffles me that the Vice President of the United States would continue to say things that don't square with the facts on the ground. There was no protest. There was no reaction to the [anti-Muslim video], and they knew it in 24 hours. I don't understand what they are doing."

Rubin reports that Corker had extensive meetings with the FBI and intelligence officials on the ground in Benghazi, as well as with officials from the Libyan government. "What I know, is our intelligence officials on the ground in real time and also in Washington within 24 hours knew what had happened," he told Rubin.

Corker has tried to jump-start hearings in the Senate, but concluded: "There is no way before the election with the majority that doesn't want them.... It is strictly my opinion, but the President has gone around the country spiking the football on Osama bin Laden," which has been proven false by the Benghazi incident, leading Obama to cover up the affair for electoral purposes. "When four Americans are killed, it's just not possible that the President didn't know [it was a terrorist assault].... There is not a cell in my body that doesn't earnestly believe that the Administration didn't know within 24 or 48 hours."

On Libya, Corker told Rubin it is a country without a functioning centralized government. He explained that when there is a security problem, the Libyan government calls local militia to deal with it. Some of these are effective, and some aren't. "Some go overboard," he said. He continued, "There are no institutions. There is no court system."

He resisted calling Libya a failed state. He did, however, say, "The greatest threats are the security conditions inside, [where] jihadists, we knew from hearings, have been moving in for some time and second, moving through the constitutional process."