Obama State Department Stokes the Turkey-Syria Fire; Demands 'Don't Confuse Things With the Facts'
October 14, 2012 • 5:34AM

State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland Friday had to admit that the shipment aboard the Syrian civilian plane that was forced to land by Turkey, because it supposedly contained weapons being illegally shipped to the Syrian government, was actually "legally correct." Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had stated categorically after Friday's meeting of the country's National Security Council that the shipment did not contain weapons.

But Nuland was singularly unimpressed by the facts of the case, which she had been forced to admit, and instead reverted to the standard Obama Administration diatribe against Russia and China for blocking the British war game. Russia is at fault regardless, Nuland argued, because their "policy is still morally bankrupt." Furthermore, "we have no doubt that this was serious military equipment"—whatever that is supposed to mean.

"There are no Security Council sanctions on Syria because Security Council members Russia and China continue to block them. Everybody else on the Security Council is doing what it can unilaterally to ensure that the Assad regime is not getting support from the outside." Nuland added that "No responsible country ought to be aiding and abetting the war machine of the Assad regime and particularly those with responsibilities for global peace and security as UNSC members have."

Meanwhile the Turkish government continued with its Obama-dictated actions and threats. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an international conference in Istanbul Friday that the world was witnessing a "humanitarian tragedy" in Syria. "If we wait for one or two of the permanent members [of the UN] ... then the future of Syria will be in danger." He demanded a reform of the UN to remove the veto-power of the five permanent UNSC members. "The UN is losing its credibility by turning a blind eye to what is happening in Syria."