US Pork Producers File New Appeal to Obama To Lift Ethanol Mandate, Citing "Frightening Prospect" of Inability To Feed Animals
October 14, 2012 • 5:37AM

The National Pork Producers Council, representing 67,000 pork farming operations, filed a new appeal on Oct. 11, with the Obama Administration, for a "Waiver of a Portion of the Renewable Fuels Standard," citing the current "price shock" and corn scarcity causing terrible harm to livestock operations.

The 27-page filing stated at the outset, "In light of the ongoing disastrous drought that continues to afflict our nation, and the outsized impact of the RFS on the supply of ever finite levels of corn, EPA's consideration of these petitions and requests for a waiver of the RFS mandate is an urgent matter. EPA's granting of a full or partial waiver of the RFS is necessary to avert the severe economic harm that has been experienced in 2012 by pork producers and the communities and states they live in, and will continue to manifest itself in 2013 and beyond. Therefore, we recommend that you issue a waiver for the maximum duration allowed under Clear Air act section 211(o)(7)."

The Environmental Protection Agency, which technically could do this at any time, is refusing to act, under the Obama subservience to the British Empire policy of creating conditions for depopulation.

The Pork Producers' document gives a chart, showing prices for the main animal-feed products, corn and soybeans, from 1950 to the present, highlighting the price spikes of the last four years of economic breakdown. Unless there is a shift in Federal policy, worse is to come. It states, that under conditions where the volume of corn is not rising, and in fact, decreasing, then the food system is:

"put at risk of being wholly incapable of adjusting and mitigating the worst effects of severe supply shocks like that resulting from this year's drought, particularly if such a supply shock is repeated two-years in a row...Indeed, the severe harm that will occur in 2013 will become even more menifested in 2014, should there be any kind of supply chock in corn production in 2013...

"The severe harm pork producers will suffer in 2012 and 2013, however, pales in comparison to what it would be like in 2014, where this harm would be compounded by explosively ghigher prices and crippling credit and liquidity shortfalls, and creating the frightening prospect that many producers will find themselves unable to assure stable access to an adequate local supply of corn to feed their animals."

A few current headline events document the livestock-meat chain breakdown crisis:

* CANADA. The second-largest pork producer in Canada declared bankruptcy in September. Saskatchwan-based Big Sky Farms filed; and also, Manitoba-based Puratone Corp. Both cited the factor of high feed costs, specifically that it takes C$180 to raise a hog, which is fetching only C$150 on the market right now. Canada is the world's third largest pork exporting nation. In China, steps are being taken to stockpile pork in meat-lockers, as a buffer against shortages to come.

* CALIFORNIA. A long-standing poultry producer, Zacky Farms LLC filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy Oct. 10, citing the cost of grains used in animal feeds. Processing for mostly private labels, Zacky, founded in 1928, accounts for nearly 2% of U.S. turkey production.