Tony Blair in Illinois on the Obama Campaign Trail for Queenie
October 14, 2012 • 5:41AM

Earlier this week, Tony Blair, HMS Operative, was in Decatur, Illinois, "on the campaign trail for Obama," as reported by the London Daily Mail Friday. Blair's advance schedule is being kept secret, per usual. But, as the Mail notes, in May this year, Blair was acknowledged as an official adviser to the Obama Presidential re-election drive, and would be campaigning for him.

On Oct. 11, Blair was at the Chicago City Hall, meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a cohort since the 1990s, in imposing Trans-Atlantic imperial policies. Blair attended a meeting in Chicago of the Zurich Advisory group.

In Decatur, Blair was photographed with two other Obama campaigners, the Desperate Housewives castmember, Eva Langoria (who spoke at the Democratic Convention in September), and Warren Buffett's son, Howard Buffett, who has been given the philanthropo-fascist franchise to appear as the friend-of-the- farmer. Blair was attired in down-on-the-farm denims and plaid.

Friday night, Lyndon LaRouche stated during his Friday Project webcast, when discussing Obama's British Empire pedigree as a "trained, controllable puppet," that, "First of all, if you are observant, you know that the British Queen controls Obama, totally! She created him, she controls him, she has her man, Tony Blair, sitting in Chicago making sure that the Obama machine is in conformity, and they control money. They also have British money, which comes from some places in Britain, where it's basically drug money..."