Saudi Officer Leading Syrian Rebels Killed in Idlib: Another Sign that War is Already Regional
October 15, 2012 • 7:25AM

Not only is the British Empire's Saudi Arabia arm building up and funding and supplying the neo-Salafi terrorists against Syria, the Saudis are directly on the ground fighting the war against Syria. The Arabic paper, Al Alam, reported that Syrian government troops have killed a Saudi military officer in the northwestern province of Idlib, about 73 kilometers south of Aleppo. Russia's RIA Novosti picked up the story on Oct. 14, and identified the Saudi officer as Mohammad Salem al-Harbi, saying he was killed in heavy fighting on Saturday. The direct involvement of a Saudi officer leading the Syrian rebels is just another indication of the spread of the war to a regional war that, with the action by NATO member Turkey, in bringing down a Syrian airliner on its way from Moscow, also directly confronted Russia.

In a series of interviews and statements, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, following the airliner incident on Oct. 12, that Turkey had refused to allow Russian diplomats to speak to Russian citizens aboard the flight.

Russia has proposed an emergency military-to-military channel of communication between Syria and Turkey to avoid any further hostile incidents that can lead to all-out war, to a NATO confrontation. While the Syrian government has welcomed this proposal, Turkey has not responded.

Meanwhile, the London Telegraph has put out a story — not confirmed — that the UN Security Council's envoy to Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is drawing up a plan for a force of 3,000 peacekeepers to "enforce a truce" in Syria. However, even the Telegraph notes that there are almost no possibilities for this plan to succeed: Major Arab countries are excluded because they are already supporting the rebels, and the British and U.S. would not be acceptable because of their role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The only sure way to stop the fighting is to force the Saudi-Turkey-Qatar pipeline of weapons and fighters to be closed down immediately. But this pipeline of death is open courtesy of British agent Obama and the British Empire.