Rep. Dan Burton: Obama's Delusion the Cause of Chaos in SW Asia
October 15, 2012 • 6:45PM

Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), a signer on HR 107 on illegal wars as an impeachable offense, blasted Obama's disasterous actions in Libya, and declared that the President's delusion, that the world is whatever he wants it to be, is the cause of the spreading global chaos.

"From the beginning," Burton write in The Hill today, "I questioned not only the constitutionality of the president's intervention in Libya but the wisdom. Colonel Qadhafi was not a nice guy, but he was not a direct threat to the United States either.... But the administration went into Libya anyway; and then doubled down on its mistake by trying to pretend everything was 'normal' on the ground, when things were far from normal.... It seems the president and the State Department were more concerned about portraying Libya as a foreign policy success, and not offending the sensibilities of the Libyans, than protecting the lives of U.S. personnel....

"And it is this obsessive determination to view the world as Mr. Obama wants it to be, instead of how it really is, that is, in my opinion, at the heart of the Obama Administration's failures. What is worse, even when reality crashes in on the house of mirrors that is President Obama's foreign policy, the administration's kneejerk response is to try to spin reality to meet their fiction or to simply blame someone else.... From the Middle East to the northern tier of Africa, we have chaos and it is because of the naiveté of President Obama and his administration. Islamic fundamentalist groups with Al Qaeda ties are entrenching themselves in Libya and elsewhere in the region. Our ill-conceived intrusion into Libya and our bungling of the Arab Spring uprisings have created fertile ground for the very extremists we have spent over a decade trying to defeat. We can still turn the tide, but only if we are honest about the problem. It is high time that the president and his enablers join us in that critical realization."