MSNBC Covers Ruckus Over Obama Campaign Taking Laundered Drug Money
October 17, 2012 • 8:18AM

MSNBC Monday ran a news story on the campaign to legalize marijuana in Colorado, Oregon and Washington state, and interviewed Ryan Grim of Huffington Post about the Oct. 15 teleconference held by a group of former DEA heads, drug czars and others, demanding that the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder come out publicly against the upcoming legalization referenda in those states. The first question at that teleconference came from EIR's Dennis Small, who raised the question if Obama's softness on legalization was related to the reports that his 2008 and 2012 campaigns had in part been financed by laundered drug money.

MSNBC asked Grim about the "bizarre conference call" with the anti-drug spokesmen, led by former DEA head Peter Bensinger, and Grim reported: "The media asked, 'Do you think that Obama is getting drug money laundered to his campaign.' They wouldn't say 'no!' And Matt Sledge of Huffington Post was on the call and he said 'Wait a minute, let me just follow up on that. Are you really not willing to say that the President of the United States is not funding his campaign with drug money?' And they said, 'Well, we're not going to comment on that'."

The four-minute MSNBC video was re-posted by with the comment: "To insinuate that the President accepts drug money is ridiculous, but it seems as if Bensinger may not agree!"

Huffington Post's written coverage also reported on sharp comments by former Drug Czar John Walters:

"When pressed by a reporter during a Q & A following the call if the group was at all surprised that Holder had not yet made a statement about the measures, former drug czar John Walters replied, "I think it's shocking. All you have to do is say things that this administration has already said. It would help enormously and I think it would defeat these measures."