Zepp-LaRouche Featured On Estulin's Russia Today TV Show
October 18, 2012 • 2:16AM

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder of Germany's Bueso party and the Schiller Institute, was featured in a powerful half-hour interview on Daniel Estulin's weekly program on Spanish-language Russia Today TV, which is received by some 6 million viewers across Ibero-America, the southwest of the United States, Spain and elsewhere.

The discussion was introduced by Estulin stating: "All of the nations of Europe, all of their citizens, today face a double existential crisis. The euro system and the entire trans-Atlantic financial system have entered a process of total economic disintegration. It's not a crisis; nor is it a recession; nor is it even a depression. It is, rather, disintegration. The question is, can we stop it?"

Estulin asked Zepp-LaRouche why financial institutions seem to be more powerful than nation-states, to which she responded:

"If you go back to the 1930s and 1940s in France, there existed a phenomenon called the synarchy. And there is even a synarchy charter which stated that the financial institutions would make sure that no politician would ever come into a position of high office, if they did not serve the banking interests, especially in a moment of crisis, and be absolutely sure that they would not be for the common good."

Estulin then amplified for his listeners:

"The synarchist movement was created as the counter-attack of the oligarchy against the American Revolution and the principles of the new sovereign state. It really arose during the period of the French Revolution, and the consequence of the Jacobin terror was the emergence of the first modern fascist movement, that of Napoleon Bonaparte... Synarchism seeks to take the power of the Nation-state and return it to the world aristocracy."

To Estulin's question about how European nations could exit the euro and return to sovereignty, Zepp-LaRouche specified:

"All you have to do is, on the grounds of national existence and national interest of each participating country in the eurozone, you cancel the treaties from Maastricht to Lisbon. Then you go back to sovereignty over your own currency and economy. You declare a banking holiday, like Roosevelt did; you find out what assets are in the accounts in the banks at that time. You stamp the currencies with a kind of magnetic ink. You impose exchange controls for a short period of time. And then you go to the new currency. And that way you could re-launch the real economy. It has, however, to be combined with fixed exchange rates and a credit system."

She then amplified on the policies of Glass-Steagall, her program for the development of southern Europe, the importance of "Curiosity," and why the danger of World War III can only be solved with a total paradigm shift.

Estulin ended the inspiring exchange with Zepp-LaRouche with a call to arms:

"Truth holds the supreme position in the order of things. Sovereign truth is not found in popular opinion, but in the creative processes of the individual human mind.

"There is a solution. The solution, however, is absolutely impossible within our current system. The world financial system is hopelessly bankrupt, and the current speculative casino economy must be replaced by a credit system oriented exclusively towards future investments in the real economy... Until such time as we can bring humanity into the Age of Reason, history will be shaped not by the will of human masses, but by a small handful of those who, for better or worse, lead the destiny of all mankind — as cattle, from pasture to pasture, and sometimes also to the slaughter."