Desperate Obama Forces Attempt to Incite Violence Against LaRouche
October 19, 2012 • 9:59AM

A minor fracas at a post office in Hebron, Connecticut, which occurred on Thursday, October 11th, has suddenly achieved world-wide press coverage based on an NBC news video released very early this morning, a full week after the incident in question. Nancy Lack, an 80-year-old Obama supporter, was charged with 6th-degree larceny and breach of the peace for admittedly stealing political signs disseminated by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee which portrayed President Barack Obama with a Hitler moustache and called for his impeachment.

According to witnesses and her own account, Lack saw the signs last Thursday, went to a local gym to compose herself after becoming very angry, returned to the public sidewalk outside the Hebron post office where two petite female LaRouche organizers were in discussions with potential supporters, and stole the moustache signs. The police were called and Lack told them what she had done. The LaRouche organizers asked the Connecticut State Police to cite Lack with the lowest charge possible and to obtain the posters back from her. The State Police said that they would decide the charges. The incident occurred amidst a flurry of complaints to Hebron Police and the Town Manager from Obama supporters. The Hebron town manager went so far as to solicit the property owner of the site where LaRouche supporters have campaigned for years to disallow LaRouche PAC's activities. After the incident an Obama supporter appeared and placed Obama signs all around the immediate area of the table.

Whatever Ms. Lack's intent, the intention of the publicity campaign launched by Obama's supporters a full week after the minor incident could not be clearer. A post appearing on the Daily Kos gives the flavor: "80 years old, grandmother, arrested, hero. In my mind this woman is a hero. I hope that if I am faced with a similar situation, that I have the strength and integrity to follow her lead."

While the Huffington Post coverage does detail LaRouche PAC's call for Obama's impeachment based on his coverup of the 9/11 terrorism attack which killed U.S. Ambassdor Chris Stevens in Libya, it also cites a violent attack on LaRouche organizers in Half Moon Bay, California, last week, as caused by the Obama stache sign and offensive speech. Coverage of the Connecticut incident extended to the Daily Telegraph in the UK and has become a national news wire. In Blanchester, Ohio, today, a man drove his car into a table manned by LaRouche PAC organizers, barely missing them. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Obama and his supporters have become increasingly violent and aggressive over the past few weeks as his electoral chances are placed in doubt. The notoriously thin-skinned President has been known to rail furiously at LaRouche and at the LaRouche PAC signs which assign him a moustache. LaRouche PAC is presently investigating the press barrage surrounding the Connecticut incident and attacks which have occurred over the past week, which are about as spontaneous as the events outside the embassy in Benghazi.