On the Brink of Nuclear War, Again?

by Nancy Spannaus

Fifty years ago this week, the world stood at the brink of a nuclear conflagration, as the result of a standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union, known today as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fortunately for all mankind, a truly good President, John F. Kennedy, was determined to avoid the worst, and the immediate crisis was resolved peacefully.

Yet today, mankind again faces the imminent danger of thermonuclear war, this time pushed by the British-spawned confrontational policies of a U.S. President, Barack Obama. How could this have happened? And what can we do?

Had the British not assassinated President Kennedy, and gotten away without the blame, the present crisis could have been avoided. JFK’s perspective of space exploration, massive infrastructure development, industrialization of the Third World, and international collaboration for all forms of progress promised not only the United States, but the world, an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity— the only true basis for avoiding war.

Instead, Kennedy’s policies, which echoed those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were killed— along with the tens of thousands of Americans, and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese in a long land-war in Asia. A policy of zero growth, and nuclear superpower crisis management, was ushered in, directed by the geopolitical and genocidal ideology of the British Empire. With it, lawfully, came the seemingly endless series of wars.

Today we have reached an apparent end-game in this process. President Obama has fully embraced those British policies, directly the opposite of President Kennedy—and they are leading us toward war. Faced with the threatened collapse of its financial power, the British oligarchy which put Obama into power is prepared to risk all, even the survival of the planet, to back down Russia and China, in the determination to save its form of rule.

What can we do? Removing Obama from power is clearly the first step, but that is far from enough—especially as there is no individual running for President, and certainly no political party, qualified in any way to take up the Kennedy-FDR legacy. For that, we must assemble a network of patriots committed to implementing a very clear policy of economic recovery, which, crucially, will destroy the financial power of the British empire. Three steps are necessary:

1) Restore Glass-Steagall, cancelling the existing bailouts and protecting the necessary commercial banking functions. This policy, which will cut Wall Street down to size, has already drawn support from individuals from both parties—and it is urgent to prevent a hyperinflationary disaster now.

2) Return to National Banking, funding the recovery by re-establishing the Constitutional system of Federal credit, as defined by Alexander Hamilton’s concept of advancing the productive powers of labor.

3) Build NAWAPA XXI and related great projects, employing millions of skilled, productive workers, and restoring the sense of mission which the nation has lost since the assassination of John Kennedy.

Only by means of these three steps, initiated by a post-Obama non-partisan Presidency, can the United States and the world possibly survive. One might ask one’s self: Is the kind of courage and vision which JFK applied, a vision which mankind’s role in space still pays homage to, gone forever? Can we find it in ourselves to bring the world back from the brink?

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