A Bipartisan Team of Former US Security Officials is Trying to Counter a Potential Sino-Japanese War
October 22, 2012 • 5:28PM

A group of high-level security and diplomatic officials from the US is currently visiting Japan and China with the aim of reducing the potential that the current intense confrontation over some islands in the East China Sea could be used by Obama's sponsors in London to provoke a new war, and perhaps world war. Hillary Clinton has approved the visit, giving it semi-official status, at least from the State Department.

Former Deputy Secretary of State under GW Bush, Richard Armitage, heads the team. Armitage is a Japan expert and has long argued that Japan shold strengthen its defense capacities to counter a rising China, but the message of the group on this trip is that both sides must take precautions that nothing be allowed to spark military action. They are certainly aware of the British intent, as so eloquently stated by The Economist, that the island disput could "become as significant as the assassination of an archduke."

Others on the trip include Stephen Hadley, G.W. Bush's National Security Adviser (who recently denounced the Benghazi terror attack as a direct result of Obama's totally illegal and insane invasion of Lybia); Joseph S. Nye Jr., a former Pentagon and intelligence official in the Clinton administration; and James Steinberg, a former Deputy Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Armitage told the Japan Times that the tensions over sovereignty of the islands are unlikely to abate until after the changes in government which are scheduled in both China and Japan over the coming months (as also in South Korea, which is engaged in a similar territorial dispute with Japan), since no leader can afford to look weak over sovereignty issues as elections are pending. What Armitage does not say, but is known to the visitors, is that while tensions remain high, and while the world economy is in free fall, those who want war can find ways to create the spark.